October 9, 2009

Greetings ffrom NOWHERE!

She's pretty, even with her occasional glimpses of intelligence.
I'm so not sure where the time has gone. The treadmill of life keeps me plugging along without really going anywhere, yet afraid to blink! These days, 13YO has way more of a social life than I do. I'm in a knitting group now and I love it! It's at our local library and I take the girls with me. While I already feel overscheduled most days, the rest of the week seems easier when I know I have some time carved out for me. (Next thing you know, I figure out that exercise actually gives you more energy..NAH! I wouldn't go that far just yet!)
I knitted my first cabled hat. However, I grabbed a pattern that was meant to be knitted flat instead of in the round and had to do some tweaking. That's what I get for starting something without reading it first! Once I've weaved in the ends and closed the top and all that, I'll post some pictures. I really like it and want one in every color now, though I'll probably put a few more cables in it than this one. Two just doesn't seem like enough for a whole hat.
We had a flu scare the other day with 13YO, but no other symptoms developed and she went right back to school the next day. She was just nauseous. We're awaiting the results of David's bloodwork to see his cholesterol levels and such.
See how exciting my life has become? I'm talking about health stuff...and it's not even real stuff now!
I'd better sign off before I start talking about the weather and the price of gas! Going to try to get one of those 'life thingys' everyone keeps talking about so I have some good blog fodder.
Right after I make my menu plan for next week and go grocery shopping.

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