October 20, 2009

Ten Random Thoughts for Today

1. First ride on the BART. Grab a seat anywhere you can...this train waits for NO ONE.

2. 3YO was pretty excited about riding the BART, too. If I had taken the picture at a different angle, you'd see just about everyone there on their IPHONES! I think it might be an actual requirement to own a iPhone if you live in the Bay Area. I'm just sayin...

3. Despite what David originally thought, this was not a bounce house but a KITE. A kite that's bigger than a car!

4. See them fly? It was really cool. This was at the Berkeley Marina.

5. This is my friend Meri. Five months ago, Meri decided to train for a marathon. So she did. I guess you could probably call her 'Marathon Meri,' but I'll just stick to the name that I've decided to call her...which is 'CRAZY.' Seriously...26.2 miles. I won't even run down to the corner of my block right now without my inhaler and a ride back!
6. Meri is my hero...AND the craziest person I know! She's super pumped now and is already looking for another race to train for.
7. Now, where did I leave my candy corn?
8. I think that candy corn just might contain crack cocaine, because it's pretty much all I can think about these days! It's not the bad kind of crack or anything...just the kind you find in Girl Scout Cookies and Facebook Apps.
9. Speaking of which, I need to take care of my farm, park my cars and get a better Farkle score. Don't judge me.
10. Remember my pattern? The one I posted last week? Yeah, well...it was PUBLISHED on an actual pattern site! WOO HOO! I want to make more patterns for people of my easily distracted nature. Speaking of being easily distracted...I just found a workout on my elliptical that I can actually DO! I hadn't tried it because I was intimidated by the concept, but it's really cool! It's called 'Sprint 8' and has eight 30-second intervals of really intense stuff broken up by a minute and a half of sort of taking it easy. I can totally do that! Trying to keep a good pace for 30 minutes or more makes me want to bang my head against the wall! I feel like I'm being held captive in my own living room.
And on that note, I bid you farewell!

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