October 12, 2009

I have an assignment for you...

There is no way on earth I have time to sit down and compose an actual, thought-provoking, laugh-at-me-while-I-cry-inside kind of blog today. Seriously, I really wish I could. But, I DO feel I need to pop on here really quickly and plug something.

So, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

My most favoritest slow cooker guru has a book coming out. Like, TOMORROW. She is the awesomest (yes...that is a word to me!) and she's going to be on Good Morning America to talk about it. She has literally saved dinner in my house, as well as the houses of so many others I'm sure! She also has a terrific blog on organization that is not only helpful but reasonable. Easy little things to get one's house in order.

Anyhow, you should really set your DVR to record Stephanie's appearance on GMA. Then, go buy her book. Seriously. I plan on buying it ASAP. Or, go and leave comments on her Slow Cooker Blog or her Totally Together Blog. This is life-changing stuff here and I would hate for you to be left out!

Have a great Monday!

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