October 22, 2009

Sadistic Trainers, Long Tongues, and Apple Cider Vinegar

From my calculations, Aly's tongue seems to be about an inch and half too long!
I don't know what's come over me, but I've been sitting less and exercising more. Now, I'm not ready to give up my candy corn crack just yet...that would be CRAZY TALK...but I'm trying to eat a bit better and trying to exercise every day. So far, so good. Too bad it's only Day 3 and my track record for being consistent at anything sucks! The Sprint 8 program on my elliptical totally rocks though! And the Wii Active...that sadistic virtual trainer is trying to kill me! I started their little 30-Day Challenge thingy, so I wonder if I can stick to it. I was so sore today that it winced and moaned a little just to sit down and stand up. (Pitiful, I know!) I hopped on the elliptical and BAM...I felt BETTER! The soreness was almost gone after that, so much so that I decided to take on the sadistic virtual trainer after all, even though I had originally given myself the day off.
I've recently heard of some health benefits from apple cider vinegar. I'm curious as to what people know about it, so comments would be much appreciated. I figure it can't hurt to try, though there are a ton of things that it is said to be good for.
I think our new kitty has 'mommy issues.' He only wants to be held by me. ALL THE TIME. He's currently perched on my shoulder, shifting his position as necessary so I don't put him down. We were gone last weekend and my mom stopped by the house to check on the critters. She was amused by how 'needy' the cat is in always wanting to be carried and suggested that we make some sort of sling or infant-carrier like thing to put him in. I tell ya...holding that cat could easily be a full-time job! When I'm not holding him, he's watching me, just waiting for me to sit still for just a moment. If the kids try to take him elsewhere, he's like a little boomerang and just runs right back to me.
Since he was in the shelter for so long, I can only imagine what happened to him there. Or even before that. Was he taken from his own mother too soon? He's very needy for a cat that's a good seven months old!
Anyhow, I have to get dressed and ponder snipping the tip of my dog's tongue off. (I'm not gonna do it, but she walks around like this ALL DAY LONG now and it's fun to joke about.) Is an extra long tongue some sort of genetic thing, or do I just have the Gene Simmons of boxers?
Don't forget to check out my FREE PATTERN! I'm working on a smaller one right now made with worsted weight yarn and 16-inch size 7 Knit Picks circulars. It's the same exact pattern and turning out like a baby hat. YAY! I'll post pictures when it's done.
Have a great Thursday!

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Vixen said...

The Gene Simmons of boxers, I love it. I also would like pictures if you decide to carry that cat around in one of those baby carriers, that could be highly entertaining!