September 5, 2007


I really don’t like passing mirrors at the very beginning of my day. I especially don’t like it when I haven’t yet had my coffee and the first thought that comes to mind is, “My ass is HUGE.”

NOT a good way to start a day!

I don’t actually consider myself to be much of a reality TV fan. I mean I watched ‘Survivor’ the first season. I watched the first season of ‘Big Brother’ also. After that, reality television was everywhere and it all became a little stale to me.

That being said, I still watch the occasional reality TV show. ‘The Biggest Loser’ is one that gets me every time. However, I don’t watch every episode faithfully. All of those programs are best when viewed at the beginning and the end. The middle is just a bunch of yelling and drama that I, frankly, could do without. The new season is just about to start and I’m actually looking forward to it. I sat down to watch last night’s preview episode with the best of intentions. I started thinking that David and I should try to follow our own plan along with the show. We could both stand to lose about 30 pounds each and that wouldn’t be too hard if we supported each other and went grocery shopping together and…

Then reality really sank in and I ate a half a tub of seafood salad mix on top of a whole package of club crackers. Yeah, maybe next year.

Then, there’s ‘The Singing Bee.’ I like any show that I have the potential to do well at. I can remember lyrics to songs fairly well and yet have absolutely no talent for actual singing. I don’t think I’m alone here either. I mean, what woman in her late 20’s, early 30’s with a head full of highlights doesn’t know the words to ‘Baby Got Back?’ If you ask me, they go together like ‘peas and carrots.’

Sorry, Forrest Gump was on a couple of weeks ago and I am still quoting him whenever I can squeeze it in. It’s a sickness, I know.

Another show that gets my attention is ‘Last Comic Standing.’ Who doesn’t love to laugh? The best comics say what everyone else is thinking and we laugh at what we identify with.

I still think that reality TV could do more. Want to really get my attention? Then combine the factors of The Biggest Loser, The Singing Bee, and Last Comic Standing. The players would be put on a diet and exercise regimen while reciting to lyrics to all the ‘Abba’ songs ever written (or any other group that has plagued so many of us for decades!) and talking about it in a stand-up routine. Or something like that.

All I know is we need some new ‘flavor’ of television in this house. The good shows are few and far between and if David makes me watch one more MSNBC special about prison…..


Crabmommy said...

At least you are allowed to watch TV. Crabhub eschews anything that wans't made in Scandinavia circa 1950, so we don't do TV. We do Netflix. Which means the occasional BBC series in which a friar murders a monk...and then we do Scandinavian movies circa 1950. All of which means when we go to a hotel like on rare Crabvacation, Crabmommy is absolutely floored with delight at the rampant opportunities for glutting oneself on pop culture. I never know what to choose though: Cold Case files or Obesity Hospital? Too much of a good thing! And I haven't even mentioned Rock of Love!!! I think i will blog about that very show this very week. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jessie said...

Ive stopped watching TV all together, with the exception of the fact that I will watch Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy this fall. I now stick to Youtube, my reasons are that these people are more entertaining than anything on TV, they arent censored, if you miss an "episode" you can just click on the link to watch the last video, and you dont have to spend an hour in front of the TV, since most vlogs are done in like 5-10 minutes.

Scylla said...

In our house it's Future Weapons and Modern Marvels. I mean really, what is so frickin' marvelous about a bridge, or so modern even? I swear, if I have to watch any more specials on tanks I am gonna buy one just to see how effective they are!
Okay, he also really likes Eureka, and Battlestar Gallactica, which I love.

Shakes said...

D and I love love love to watch the biggest loser... we watch every episode and even record to watch later with out commercial interuptions! Matt was just awesome on the season before last (your image) and this last season... wow, that was just freaking awesome... now the upcoming season, with 3 teams! so glad Jillian is back! I don't like the blonde chick!