September 20, 2007

Cooler Weather and How 'Personal Growth' Is Not Always A Good Thing

Brrrr…it sure is a bit on the chilly side this morning!

While the TV was on yesterday, a certain commercial kept catching my eye. I’m sure we’ve all seen it. It’s the Suave commercial that begins with the pretty woman. A few clips later she’s wearing an engagement ring, then a wedding dress, and then she’s pointing at her belly. It shows her pregnancy progressing in little clips. She seems to be smiling about everything until she’s in the hospital gown to deliver. Then, she has a baby, another pregnancy, and whole lot of bad hair days. She looks tired and is in a giant bunny costume toward the end. Obviously, this is a commercial for hair products. And it is pretty realistic, if you ask me.

However, the point of the commercial is that she ‘finds herself’ again in a ninety-nine cent can of mousse. I think that may be where the realism ends. It’s not the products that keep us at our best; it’s the time we actually spend on ourselves. One could spend $100.00 on a can of mousse but they still have to take the time to use it. My life as a mother is not short on hair products. As a matter of fact, I have acquired quite the collection of hair products over the years; I just have no time to use them. Frankly, I think I’d have a better chance of ‘finding myself’ with a pedicure and a stiff drink!

I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve let myself go, but the standards I’ve set for myself have definitely shifted. I actually tend to use Suave on a regular basis. Not because I think it’s the best, but because I can’t see myself spending much more than a dollar on a can of hairspray or some shampoo. There are, after all, four other people to think about in this house!

I have three girls to keep in shoes. Anyone who has girls knows just what I’m talking about!

My quest for organization is still in progress. Life has a way of getting in the way of what we want to or should get done. But, this will be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I’ve got to work on disciplining myself before I can expect very much from my kids. David, well…he’s another story. In many ways, he is my most difficult child to raise. I would feel so accomplished as a wife and mother if I could just get my husband to throw his dirty clothes in the laundry basket and not just on the floor in front of it. When it comes to my laundry, almost doesn’t count!

And when it comes to taking care of me, my next quest is to get back into shape. The pounds I fought so hard to get off last year are slowly creeping back on. I need to get back into the Weight Watchers program. I have been a member of Weight Watchers four or five times now. It works as long as you’re actually doing the work. I have gone astray from the teachings of the Weight Watchers gurus as of lately. As satisfying as food is, it’s even more satisfying to feel like I have control of things. Also, I put on a pair of jeans for the first time yesterday and they don’t have as much ‘room for growth’ as they did the last time I wore them! Who am I kidding? I can barely breathe in them!

I guess I’ve done all the growing that those pants will allow!

So, my winter clothes will not be very forgiving. Here I am. I am not buying myself new pants because I couldn’t turn down seconds on lasagna. Through portion control and exercise, I am hoping to shrink a bit.

Does anyone else have a tried-and-true method for losing weight? Anyone want to join me on my quest? I’m not looking for any miracles or anything. Don’t get me wrong; a miracle would be fantastic. But, miracles seem to be in short supply as of lately and I would much rather they show up in something like a cure for cancer rather than the state of my ass. My ass is my own problem.

For today, 1YO has a cold. I will probably spend most of the day trying to get her to eat anything and wishing I could eat it too.


Kari said...

I've seen the commercial and it is pretty realistic, but you're right it's the TIME that counts. When I take the extra time to do my makeup and hair, my whole attitude changes. Granted, I'm not usually taking the children with me so this is maybe a monthly night out thing BUT like I said, I feel so different. I feel sexy again. But when you have to worry about snot stains, food thrown, and things like pulling out my own hair, I don't really spend a whole lot of time gussying myself up to look too purrrrdy.

As far as the weight, they weighed me at the doctor's office this morning and (GASP), I was a 19 pounds over what I WANT to be. So, I'll hop on the train with ya. We'll do it together. Unfortunately, I live too far away to go to a gym, but I have plenty of DVDs and equipment right here at home.

wildtomato said...

I cannot even imagine the last time I bought hair products other than shampoo and conditioner. The boy uses hair gel, and for that I make fun of him for being so high maintenance.

Exercise is the only thing I found to maintain a healthy weight. And you have to find what works for you - I am not into lifting weight, but having muscle means that you burn more fat. I climb to stay in shape (and the next time you visit, I'm putting you on the wall). Also, having a partner who can poke and prod you when you just don't feel like exercising is essential (for me, at least).

skape7 said...

Being a first time visitor, I have to say I LOVE the title of your blog. Also yes, yes, yes! There is no time for yourself when you are a mother. And this is coming from a mere mother of one as opposed to the many that you have!
I don't really have a problem with being overweight BUT I do have a problem with a nice little spare tyre that has found it's way to my middle. I want to start excercising but I DON'T HAVE TIME. What's a girl to do?

Lynne said...

I force myself to get up early in the morning so that I can get my shower and hair done before making my daughter's lunch and getting on with my day. Of course, once I've showered, I'm not about to exercise in any shape or form! It's either look halfway decent or feel halfway decent, and since I can't seem to shed the few pounds that I'd like to, I think I need to skip the shower and go walking in the mornings!
LeAnn, come over and visit, I've tagged you and sent a magic carpet your way. :-D

Scylla said...

If I am lucky, all the stars are in alignment, and the powers that be move heaven and earth for me, I can shower before noon without getting up at 6 am.

Otherwise, it's usually right before I pick my daughter up from school, or before dinner, or before bed, or the next day.

Once I am showered, my hair goes into the same bun it was in while dirty. There is no make-up, no pretty curly hair being blown about, no sexy black maternity dress.

There might be earrings, and if I remember, deodorant.

Ain't having a baby grand?!

I would join you in your quest for weight loss, but I am still nursing, so I have a caloric edge. Of course, I also have a really powerful addiction to chocolate cake, so maybe I should join you after all....

Carol Anne said...

Found your blog via Why Mommy and enjoyed reading it so much I have it bookmarked. I am so with you about the time to take care of myself. I haven't even had a hair cut in 2 years. Keep telling people I'm growing it for Locks of Love. I have also done weight watchers and need to go back. I will be checking in here to see if you make it back :)
oh and I have 3 boys where you have 3 girls.

Jenny said...

a pedicure and a stiff drink! lol!! Yep...that's exactly what I need!

Seriously, I have been thinking lately that I really do need to take better care of my're right about it being a time thing..sigh...

let me know if you start a blogging weight-loss accountability thingy!