September 12, 2007

Vacation Ponderings

David is on vacation this week.
As of today, we are discussing the cast and character changes on Day of Our Lives. I'm getting him up to speed.
This is just one of those days where I can't, for the life of me, comprehend and acknowledge my children and their concerns in a timely manner. My head is just somewhere else, I guess. I will go crazy if I can't get some quiet time soon! My children are probably suffering the most because my mind is just bouncing around like a rubber ball. They can be standing right in front of me asking for something and my mind will bounce to the TV, another voice, or even just the shopping list running in the back of my head and I won't have a clue as to what they just said.
On the bright side, I have relaxed quite a bit these last few days and the headaches are gone...for now. It actually takes a conscious effort to not get caught up in my own downward spiral of turmoil.
What's worse is I should really be focusing on them today. 1YO is on this new kick of taking her diaper off and pooping in the floor. As soon as she has completed her task, she turns around and points and says, "EEEEEWWWW!!!!" as if that's the most disgusting thing she's ever seen. If it's possible, I think she may actually be more grossed out by her own excrement than we are.
So, 1YO does not want to wear her diaper. We put underwear on her. She likes those but still will not use the toilet. I don't have huge expectations of her doing this just yet, but she needs to have something on her backside to catch the mess! She wears the panties until she pees in them. Lucky for us, she keeps it on the tile. Then, she is fully able to take her wet panties off, throw them in the hamper, and then run 'nekkid and free' until I can catch her and do it all over again.
Unless she's willing to work with me on this I have got to find a way to keep that diaper on her.
Just where did I leave that duct tape, anyway?


Jessie said...

Put her diapers on backwards. It will slow her down for a while, because she wont be able to figure out where the straps went. We had that problem with Wade, only...oh god...he would poop in the diaper, take off the diaper, stick his finger in it, and use it to paint the wall. Im telling you, FIVE MINUTES is all it takes. This kid is non stop. The backward diapers tricked him for a while though.

The Conroys said...

Backwards diapers are great for this. Overalls also work. Basically any item of clothing the kid can't get out of by themselves. Also, duct tape is a great option :)

Anonymous said...

LOL i tried the whole backwards diaper thing. It worked for awhile with her but then she figured out how to still get it off. Maybe it is a girl thing! I mean I can't remember the boys every taking off their diapers. I would try to find some clothes she can't take off. With Lilly it was snaps. It did take awhile but for the most part she doesnt take her diaper off anymore unless she is getting ready for a bath. Hopefully your 1YO will grow out of it soon.

Good Luck ;)