October 1, 2007

My Big Fat Mexican Samoan Mormon Wedding

I can still smell the fragrant flowers that were the centerpieces at the reception

…or at least my husband’s cousin’s big, fat Mexican Mormon Samoan wedding!!! Needless to say, it was a blast!

You see, two of my husband’s aunts married Samoan men. They raised their children with a lot of the Samoan customs. And these people really know how to throw a party, let me tell you. Lots of food, lots of dancing, and they throw lots of money for the bride and groom. I am beginning to think that David and I should have had a Samoan wedding too!

One of his cousins got married on Saturday. This is the branch of the family tree that is actually Mormon Samoan. Their family actually goes to a church that is exclusively Mormon Samoans. His cousin married a girl that is Mexican. The ceremony was short and sweet, and Mormon. It took place at a country club where golf carts would pass by regularly. It really was a beautiful place to hold a wedding.

First of all, they had hired Polynesian dancers to perform at the reception. This seems to be typical for Samoan weddings. The music and costumes are really impressive and it’s so great to see the culture embraced and carried on the way it is. There just seems to be a real loss of traditions in so many different ethnic backgrounds. Aside from my grandma’s famous fried chicken, I can’t even really tell you much about my own family traditions when it comes to food or music or anything. My roots are many and I know very little about them.

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see Polynesian dancers performing in between Mexican music and mainstream songs as well. Then, when all of them were out there together doing the Electric Slide, I almost choked on my pink lemonade! It was such a special day that the mother of the groom even wore her teeth. Indeed, it was a special day. They wrapped up the evening with the father of the groom giving the bride and groom his best wishes and saying, “May your coconut be fruitful!” I really do adore David's family! They are some of the most open, loving group of people I've known.

It seems that every time I spend time with David’s family, I learn a little more about the world. And there is no better place than the melting pot that is Southern California.

Meanwhile, 4YO and 1YO are just so happy to be home and back to their regular routine. They are playing like they haven’t seen their toys in weeks. They have, but life finally feels like it’s almost back to normal now. Provided no more family members pass away or get married, things should remain calm around here. Of course, the holidays are just around the corner so I can’t get too comfortable with things this way.

On another note, McDonald’s has those new Angus Burgers and they are yummy! Just when I resolve to try to eat better, McDonald’s has to come out with a new, yummy burger! Isn’t that just the way??? We hit the McDonald’s in Bakersfield on our way down to the wedding on Saturday. We initially stopped there for breakfast, but we all hit the restroom before we ordered our food and we missed the breakfast menu by about three minutes. Man, those people don’t cut you any slack when it comes to their menu!!! So, at 10:30 in the morning we were eating burgers and Happy Meals. UGH!

We also stopped by there on the way home last night. At least we knew which menu to expect! I got another Angus Burger and fries. I can’t remember the last time I ate McDonald’s two days in a row. In fact, my pee actually smelled like McDonald’s French Fries by the time we got home last night!

TMI? You’re welcome!

Anyhow, I still need to go back to McDonald’s sometime soon. I never did get my McGriddle and feel a little ripped off! And I think another Angus Burger may be calling my name…


Shakes said...

did you get pic's at the wedding??? it sounds like you had a great time! Our weekend was full and we were here, not out of town! I love weekends sometimes!

Kari said...

OK, first off, you crack me up! Mcdonald's French Fries Urine. I seriously doubt that Estee Lauder will be bottling that fragrance anytime soon. LOL. Anyway, I'm so glad that you all had such a GREAT time. I've missed you! I'm Irish/Cherokee/German and we've also neglected most of our traditions. My mother is starting to bring them back. On her October wedding 2 years ago, she dressed in traditional Cherokee Tribal bridal wear and had Irish food for the dinner. It was interesting.

wildtomato said...

McD's fries make pee smell weird? Well, there goes my fry craving!

Wife Soup said...

Sounds a little more interesting than your standard issue wedding. McDonalds fries are EVIL (they taste sooo good)!