October 4, 2007

You can't review a book you've never read. Can you?

True, I have never read this book. However, my BIL purchased it..probably out of curiosity. He stayed up the other night and read most of this book. He called me in the morning to give me the gist of it. Simply fascinating.
Apparently, flourescent lighting and microwave ovens are making us fat. Also, we are supposed to be getting injections of HCG on a regular basis. This HCG is harvested from the urine of pregnant women. Since your skin is the largest organ on your body, you are only supposed to shower with a special filter and never put any sort of lotion on your skin.
Evidently, this 'cure' also makes you immune to UV rays because I can't think of any other way to protect your skin from the sun other than some sort of LOTION OR CREAM. Or covering every inch of your body with clothing. I wonder if there are restrictions on the kind of clothing you should wear....and what about fabric softener?
I understand that flourescent lighting can make you depressed and maybe even eat more after long periods of time. But, we just bought five of those energy-saving light bulbs and are doing our part to take 4 million cars off the road. There goes that theory, eh Kevin Trudeau? Oh! And we can't forget the fact that he wants you to get a colonic just about every other day for a month.
This is a way to lose weight without doing a lick of exercise. Frankly, I'd rather spend my entire day on a treadmill than have a tube shoved up my rear end in order to 'cleanse me.' Maybe it's just me.
I actually think I might still want to read the book. It's not all kooky. He does mention eating organic food and staying away from trans fats and such. This is all stuff I agree with, even if I don't live by it everyday. Our family is gradually making better choices but this will not be an overnight process. Not in our house, anyway.
Yeah, I really do think I want to read that book. If nothing else, I can tell you whether or not you should be able to find it in the 'humor' section of your local bookstore.


Lex from Yahoo! said...

Omg That was hilarious!! Lex

Wife Soup said...

hmmmm.......sounds.....interesting? I would love to hear more, actually, but not sure I could follow all of that advice. Well, you know I am a fan of organics, but I can't get all obsessive about it, I think I would be better off slitting my wrists.

Jessie said...

Organic and natural foods you say? My book is about that. Not to spam your comments or anything, but I cant make myself any clearer. I AM NOT A WACK JOB.

There, I said it.