October 2, 2007

Insight and Temporary Solutions

4YO woke up a little early this morning.
We have a deal around our house when it comes to taking out the garbage: 11YO takes it out and 4YO replaces the bag in the trash can. 11YO was throwing something away and noticed the garbage was full. She promptly started to pull the full bag out of the can. I turned to 4YO as she sat at the table and reminded her that she needed to replace the bag.
"There's something wrong with my feet."
This is not something you really want to have to think about at 7:00 in the morning; there's something wrong with my child.
"What's wrong with your feet?"
"Well, I know there AREN'T ants crawling on them...but it kind of feels funny like that."
Her feet were asleep. Too stinking cute! I had never been aware of any of her limbs falling asleep before. This was the first time she had ever been able to verbalize it.
In other news, I've been able to find a temporary solution to the problem I have with 1YO taking her diaper off. Thanks to Jessie, putting the diaper on backward was actually a lot of help. Even though the little stinker has figured it out with time, she doesn't always take it off right away. That trick has bought me a few hours at a time here and there! However, another thing I've found that really helps is a gymnastics leotard. I have one that was 4YO's when she was about two. It even has a little skirt around it so it looks like a little princess dress, which scores huge points in our house! It's all one piece and stretches over her shoulders to stay on. Not only has she not figured out how to get this one off but I don't think she really wants to! She actually seems to prefer this leotard over nudity. It's amazing!
I guess she needs to have at least a couple of those things, eh?
The girls are playing with their toys so well right now. Yes, they are spreading them around the house with reckless abandon, but they are being so nice about it! Even though I haven't found affordable locking storage containers, I've still put the toys away in a way that makes it hard for them to open them. They have to ask me to open them and I get the chance to make sure they have put away the fake food, baby dolls and all their accessories, and Legos before they delve into the container full of dress-up dresses. This gives me a small sense of control over the clutter, but we still have a long way to go.
Still running on this treadmill of life...


Jessie said...

Ah! The backward diaper trick works!

Wade eventually figured it out, but it stopped him long enough to think "hey, maybe I shouldnt be doing this." Good luck.

wildtomato said...

Good! I'm glad you found a (temporary) solution. And quite a clever one, too.