October 22, 2007

Nothing too serious, okay?

Seriously? Are they serious?

I generally have little problem with most commercials I see on television. Yeah, they can be annoying and repetitive, but they’re trying to sell you something whether it’s an idea or a product and repetition really does work. Sometimes it works a little too well, in fact.

HEAD ON! Apply directly to the forehead!
HEAD ON! Apply directly to the forehead!
HEAD ON! Apply directly to the forehead!
HEAD ON! Apply directly to the forehead!

Repetition works. Whether we actually purchase the product or not, some things just won’t get out of our heads!

I was half-watching TV last night while making dinner and I noticed a commercial that’s sort of been eating at me. It’s not particularly any more annoying that a lot of the others. At least, no more annoying than your typical fake-sounding enthusiasm about a car most of us haven’t even heard of. This woman was told she was swapping her car with another one for research. She traded her Honda for the Ford Whatever for a week.

“It’s really elegant on the inside and sporty on the outside, so it really reflects the type of person that I am.”

Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I mean, who talks about themselves like that? Have you ever even thought about referring to yourself as ‘elegant on the inside and sporty on the outside?’ This is what’s wrong with the world; so many people just take themselves too seriously! I think if I were to have a car to reflect the person that I am, it would have to be beige and a very bad dancer. One of the windows would be stuck shut, while another would be stuck open. And the brakes would squeak and the heater would only work in the summer.

I want my children to think highly of themselves. I really do! I think confidence is a great quality and if you believe in yourself you’ll go far and blah, blah, blah. I just don’t want them to take themselves too seriously. The really confident people are the ones who can laugh at themselves. If you really believe in yourself, you don’t need to come right out and tell someone how ‘elegant’ or ‘sporty’ you may be. You just are.

I’m hoping this week is the start of my new outlook on eating right and maybe even some renewed confidence. We’re off to a great start and eating real food that I cook almost nightly. That’s huge for me, the one who used to burn KOOL-AID!!! Yeah, I’ve picked up a few things since then AND I haven’t killed anyone with my cooking….yet. I’ve taken the challenge set up by Mrs. Flinger at Weight Loss Wars. The competition starts today and lasts exactly one month. The winner loses the highest percentage of their body weight and there is a cash prize involved. Maybe the cash incentive will keep my focus! And the fact that the competition only lasts a month because who really likes to try to lose weight on Thanksgiving?

And when I lose a bunch of weight and get all ‘HOT’ and everything, I won’t need to tell you how ‘HOT’ I am. I’ll just be. In the meantime, I just wish the car that reflected me would fit into a compact parking spot! (Those jeans in the back of my closet that haven’t seen daylight in YEARS.)


Anonymous said...

I'd be Mator

Jessie said...

Youve described the car that I really drive, almost to a T. No air, one window stuck up, two back doors that occasionally dont open from the outside, and it needs repairs every week.

Wanna swap for research?