October 15, 2007

I May End Up NEVER Having to Actually Potty Train Someone...

What I overheard from my girls this morning:
4YO: Hey! Do you want to go potty? Do you need to go potty? Let's go into the bathroom and try to go potty!
1YO says nothing, but follows her down the hall.
I never really felt like I did much to potty train my first two girls. I was working full time and my mom kept my oldest for me. She took care of her Monday through Friday and did most of the work. Evenings and weekends were easy to deal with, once Grandma got the ball rolling. My second daughter pretty much decided she was ready to be potty trained when she was 2 1/2. She could wear panties during the day and became diligent about going potty in the toilet. She didn't control herself at night as well as her big sister did, so we put her in Pull-Ups for another year or so after that.
And now, it looks as if she wants to potty train her little sister who's not even two yet! I wonder what would happen if I just sat back and LET HER. Seriously, I wouldn't do that. It does feel good to know she's on board with helping though! Believe it or not, my 4YO is way more disciplined that I am!
We are just recovering from a super busy weekend and I have done NUTTIN today! This feels good! I did, however, do a little catching up with blogs. Jessie at I Am David's Doll is always a good read. I know I've mentioned her once before but she's definitely worth mentioning again. Another blog I have more and more regularly is one by the wonderful Mrs. Flinger. Her take on weight loss and kids and everything else is just awesome! Her sense of humor rocks and she has even set up a little weight loss blog for members. Also, she is pulling quite a few of us (from what I can tell) into a weight loss challenge on WeightLossWars.com. This is a new approach for me and I really think that a little competition could get a lot of us motivated.
If you happen to sign up, let me know and I'll send you the link to my page. Right now, I just ate a really large bowl of pasta and feel like I need a nap.
I'll start my diet tomorrow.