November 7, 2007

Is this what we call 'Organized Chaos?'

Being as we're mostly 'Okie' in nature, our family doesn't like to wear shoes too often. Since we live in the 'sticks,' gravel driveways and 'goatheads' pretty much ensure that we'll want to wear shoes when we go outside. The end result is a pile of shoes by the back door, which is the door we use the most.
I found this 'shoe cube' at Target and thought it would be the perfect solution for our predicament. It was cheap and would hold several pairs of shoes (especially the ones for the smaller feet!) at a time. It would also look as if we're trying to be more organized. The only shoes that don't seem to fit are any boot-type shoes that are tall and David's big 'ol boats. He usually keeps a couple pairs of shoes by the back door himself, which do not fit nicely in the little slots on this shelf. I would put my shoes and those of the girls inside the slots and just have David's sitting neatly on top.
Sounds like a plan, right?
The girls and I (being as lazy and inefficient as they come) just started piling our shoes on top of David's. We couldn't be bothered to bend down and put the shoes in a little cubby. This really shouldn't have come as any sort of surprise since we couldn't be bothered to carry them down the hall and put them in our rooms to begin with. So, catering to the laziness of myself and my daughters, I bought a canvas bin to stick on top. At least they would all stay in the bin and not be on the floor, right?
You're laughing at me, aren't you?
What happens now is a lot of gritting our teeth and cursing under our breath as we dig through David's ginormous shoes to find the other teeny tiny flip flop for 1YO at the bottom. Most days, David just dumps the whole bin on the floor in front, grabs what he needs and walks away.
Those are the days when he's not my favorite person.
I guess I need to just do a weekly roundup of sorts and get the girls to put all of the shoes in their rooms except for a pair or two for slipping on to go outside. Then again, I guess I would have to follow suit as well.
I guess I have some more thinking to do about this....


Jessie said...

I bought a hanging shoe shelf and put it in the coat closet. It only has like 7 shelves, and all of our non regular wears go on the bottom. The shelves are about 12 inch cubes, so theyll hold both shoes.

SJSFalter+ said...

LOL, this post could be mine except Im to cheap to try these wonderful solutions. I spent about 30 minutes yesterday fighting with the entry closet and the many pairs of shoes/boots that continue to fall out every time it is opened. The part where your husband dumps out the shoes for his and leaves the rest sounds so much like my J. He does this with the laundry basket and it leaves me fuming all day. Men!

Melinda Zook said...

That's too funny. We actually have the same cube and it also is overflowing with shoes. It seems I need to get one for the kids and one for us rents. Sometimes we can fit two in there, like skinny flip flops or slippers (why are we wearing slippers outside?). Who knows. Good luck with your organized chaos!

REENblack said...

I have several places for shoes...front closet, by my desk, in the front room. Surprisingly, the only shoes that go where they are supposed to are the kids'!!!

(I like how there are THREE pairs of shoes in the cube! :-) )

Anonymous said...

I am so laughing right now...