November 1, 2007

'Twas a Happy Halloween

The Three Pumpkins
Well, it was a great Halloween around here! David is on vacation this week. He actually needs to be on vacation (if it's not on a weekend) to actually see the girls trick-or-treat. Otherwise, he just gets off work way too late!
11YO decided that she wanted to be 'Sharpay' from High School Musical. We found the dress, she had the shoes, I had the jewelry, and I picked the flowers for her hair up from a craft store. She was very pleased.

Then, 4YO wanted to be The Little Mermaid. Just how did these girls get to be so girly, anyway? Grandma made her the mermaid tail and sewed the 'shells' on the top. It's too cold and I would definitely not let her walk around in a bikini top or actual clam shells! I found her some silver, sparkly shoes and my my found the top and the tights to match the top. She was quite happy with her costume as well.

The flower was left over from her sister's costume and just seemed to make her look more 'tropical.'

Lastly, 1YO had no opinion. She had no clue as to what the night had in store for her. We (well, 4YO mostly) decided that she should be 'Flounder,' Ariel's faithful friend. I found a costume online for my mom to look at. She can look at something and pretty much figure out how to sew it. Just when we did that, the costume we were looking at went on sale for $14.99. It was decided that it would cost more than that in just materials. So, my mom just ordered the one online. And it was even cuter (and softer) that that website ever gave it credit for. She would not even put the jacket on at first. She fought us every time we tried. Last night, however, she just conceded and wore the whole thing. We were very pleased...

And once she figured out the whole 'candy thing'.....

This Snickers bar never stood a chance!

...I think she was pretty happy too!

The End


Jessie said...

That Flounder costume is a lucky find! Ive never seen such a thing. I saw a nemo though, and it looked like the kid was pregnant with a fish face

Trish K said...

The pictures are great.

Enjoy the girly girly stuff while you can.

My 9 year old wears sweatshirts, jeans and I haven't seen her hair out of a ponytail in 4 months