November 13, 2007

More 4YOisms and Some Babbling

I must say that 4YO was in quite the unpleasant mood the other night. Who am I kidding? She's four and those moods come and go quite often!
So, she was pouting or whining about something that was so insignificant that I couldn't even tell you what it was. I told her that she would not get her way by whining and if she was going to continue to throw a fit, she could do it in her room.
Being as she is four and all about the drama, she opted to go to her room. After a few minutes, she started calling for me down the hall. As I answered her, she explained,
"But soccer players don't get in trouble!"
It's 8:22 in the morning. 4YO has just approached me with a big grin on her face and something behind her back.
"Mom, can I pleeeeeeease have hot chocolate? I already found the marshmallows."
Yeah, I think she's new here!
In other news, we are working on getting ready for the holidays to begin. I am excited, overwhelmed, and slightly dreading the holiday season. I LOVE the holidays...don't get me wrong! The way it all begins with Thanksgiving and turkey and...mmmmm! That's when I realize that I really do enjoy cooking. What I don't enjoy is the creative energy it can take to come up with meal ideas on a regular basis with little or no input from my family. They are not quick to offer up suggestions for meals most of the time. However, they are very quick to criticize something about the meal they would have no part of planning.
Thanksgiving is different, though. They are all looking forward to the meal and I pretty much know what they will gush over later. And gush they do! I guess I'm a cook who thrives on compliments. But, who doesn't, right?
Then, we dive straight into Christmas. Christmas music, Christmas shopping,Christmas decorations, Christmas EVERYWHERE! LOVE. IT. The fog rolls in and isn't so bad when you can catch the occasional glimpse of Christmas lights on the houses you pass. Especially with Christmas music playing in the car and the kids and I singing along. This is the only time of year that I can get truly excited about things like that. Normally, I would prefer to hear the radio than the children while driving.
I know, my 'Mother of the Year Award' is bound to arrive any day now!
Seriously, we have a large SUV and my 11YO usually sits in the third row. Her two younger sisters sit in the middle row and are not known for being quiet. 11YO tries her darndest to have long, drawn-out conversations while I'm driving. (Who am I kidding? She will talk anyone's ear off, anytime and anyplace!) It's frustrating to to try explain to her that I cannot hear her well enough to carry on the conversation and focus on the road in front of me. After explaining to her repeatedly that I cannot her her well, I usually just turn up the music and tell her I want to her this song and that she can tell me later about who dropped their pencil in class and who's mad at who because they didn't invite them to play at recess and who put Cheeze-Its down the back of so and so's shirt.
See what I mean? These are not exactly 'heart to heart' discussions!
She's starting to sit in the front seat since she's just under FIVE FEET TALL on EARTH did that happen???? Anyhow, we are having more conversations in the car and it's a lot easier to talk over either the movie the younger two are watching or their fighting....or both.
I guess I'm just at the point in my life where I actually feel 'bad' or like I'm getting away with something 'wrong' when I am driving with no children in the car. In fact, if there's a heaven it's me, Starbucks tea in hand, shopping at Target all by myself. The trip to and from Target is sans rugrats and my favorite songs are playing on the radio. When I arrive at my destination, I get myself and my purse out of the car and walk away-no car seats to unbuckle or any arguments over whether or not 1YO can take her 'ni-night' into the store as well. While in the store, the only thing in the front of the cart is my purse and I can actually put some thought into what I'm buying.
My kids drive me crazy. Aren't they supposed to? One of my oldest and dearest friends is about to have her first baby. I'm so excited for her and I told her that I don't think she'll really feel like 'mom' until she is annoyed by her child. Those maternal instincts are very strong from day one for most women and, yes, that definitely makes you a mother. However, I don't think you've fully arrived into 'momminess' until you've had to yell, "STOP THAT!" or "GET THAT OUT OF YOUR EAR!"
At least, that's when I TRULY felt like I was a mom!
Then there are the days when the rainbows are everywhere and you don't remember the rain. The kids are still loud, still making messes, but adorable just the same. Maybe it's due in part to the fact that my headache has finally left and the coffee has kicked in. Maybe it's just when I open my eyes and see the wonderful creatures that they really are, messes and all. Those simple, sweet moments are the ones that are priceless when we just let them be kids.

Yeah, that's the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh man Leann ~ you are so funny! If I could just bottle you up and pop the cork when I needed a good laugh...


Jessie said...

How many times do I have to spam your comments? You complain about lack of creative meals, I WROTE A FRIGGIN COOK BOOK! And its cheaper now.

Dude, the video was great. I love it when the kids learn to dance around.

SJSFalter+ said...

I agree with the love from first sight along with not really feeling the full spectrum of the deal until they are mobile and you are pulling your hair out. Very cute post.