November 9, 2007

Mental Note: Find better concealer

...or maybe I should give 'Bondo' a shot!
Man, these girls have my chin, don't they? We had a little bit of a 'girls' night out' last night and it was a great time! It was a late night but we went out for dinner and I STILL lost a pound from yesterday to today. YAY!
If you're actually concerned about the state of my waistline, you can check up on me HERE. Yes, I have posted my actual weight for the whole world to see! I want to be held accountable for my actions, you know?
I've also taken part in 'Picture Perfect Friday' on my Mulitply page. You can read check that out HERE. You might want to turn your volume down as I have music that automatically plays on that page.
Meanwhile, I have about a zillion things to do and naptime will be over before I know it!
Welcome to the giant treadmill that is life....


Anonymous said...

How sweet, I can't wait til my girlie is old enough to do the girl's day out things!

Anonymous said...

Those are definately your chins! As far as concealer goes - I must need new glasses - you look great!