November 20, 2007

Just a Quick Update...

...on the status of a couple of our family members: Hogan and Soccer.

We got 'Soccer' the kitty for 4YO when she completed her season of soccer.
"He is black and white like a soccer ball...but we CAN'T KICK HIM."
-4YO's words
So, our Boxer Hogan has never actually met a cat that was not afraid of him. Soccer is not afraid of him. Hogan is beside himself and spent the first few hours Soccer was home just staring at him and shaking violently. Since he's almost 13 years old and basically living on borrowed time as Boxers go, we were a little worried.
While I didn't actually get a video of that, I did get a video of their progress. I'm beginning to think that Hogan actually likes Soccer now! He even looks happy while watching Soccer bounce around and play, which is pretty much all he does when he's not sleeping. You be the judge....

I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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Jessie said...

Oh my god, my husband and I LOVE boxers. Poor Hogan is totally fixated on that cat, I love it.