November 12, 2008

Next time, I'm gonna lick it! I swear!!!

12YO is a straight-A student. We were a bit confused as to when report cards actually came out. Our district just can't seem to decide if they want to go by a semester schedule or a trimester schedule. I assumed we were on a trimester schedule, but apparently we're not. Official report cards don't come out until Christmas break. That just seems like a little too long to make 12YO wait for her cell phone. Her second progress report came home this weekend. She has straight A's.


Yes. We're a bit proud. She works her tail off and loves every minute of it. I never have to argue with her or nag her about doing her homework. She just always does it. (The dishes? Now, that's another story! But she loves her some homework!) I'm sure the other two will be exact opposites and fight me on their homework every step of the way, so I'll count my blessings with this one.

Anyhow, her phone is THIS ONE and she's a super-protective phone owner! Every time she hands it to me (which isn't all that often!) she has to yell, "Don't touch the screen!" like I'm some sort of child or something! It's actually very easy to hold onto this phone without touching the screen. Soooo...

We're in the cell phone store last night to check out their memory cards for this phone. The internal memory is so measley that you basically HAVE TO purchase a memory card for it if you ever want to use the Mp3 player. (She's 12. She SO DOES!!!)
So, we see what we need and realize we can get it cheaper somewhere else. My mom was picking up her phone there and we were just waiting for everything to go through. Just as we were about to leave, a boy from 12YO's school comes in with his mom. Before my mom knows he's there, she asks 12YO if she would take 2YO to the bathroom for us. 12YO wanted to die, from what I hear. Talking about the bathroom in front of a BOY!!! THE NERVE!!! As she was heading that way, I asked her if she wanted me to hold her phone for her.
She said, "NO!" as if I were some child with sticky hands. I teased, "Oh come on! It's not like I'm going to touch the screen!!!" She had this look of sheer embarrasment on her face. Wanting to end it on a high note, I yelled, "Next time I get your phone, I'm gonna LICK THE SCREEN! I swear!" She was already on the other side of the boy in question when I hollered that, and it was nice and loud.
I feel like I'm already reaping the rewards from this parenting gig.


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Lick it! Lick it!

SJSFalter+ said...

OH...MY...GOD! Being a parent totally rocks and I am going to live it up to its fullest. I think I will follow in your footsteps. You're AWESOME!