November 5, 2008

Putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it

Let's just say that this election did not turn out the way I'd hoped it would.
At least now I feel like I can voice my opinions. Democrats aren't so scary when they're happy....
My name is Leann, and I'm a Republican.
No, I don't agree with every right-wing conservative decision out there...but I can identify with most of the views and believe that they are the best for me and my family. Tomorrow, who knows? David and I agree on most of this, too.
I'm not saying that BO is a bad choice. (But I do like using his initials! *giggle*) Maybe he'll do some good. In all honesty, I don't think that any one man really has all that much power, even if his name IS on the top of our letterhead. I've said it before. Today, in fact. I don't think we can blame or credit BO for things any more than we can blame or credit GWB for where we are right now. How much power does the man in charge really have? Everyone acts as if the president really does have a giant red button on his nightstand labeled 'BOMB SOMETHING.' Someone had to agree with him on what's been happening or nothing would have ever happened in the first place. And we had a say, as a country, as to so many of those people. And I cannot help but believe that things are happening for a reason.
12YO said that she didn't want BO to win because she worked hard to get all that candy while trick-or-treating and she didn't want to have to come home and give a chunk of it to some other kid who didn't bother trick-or-treating at all....
Kids say the darndest things....


Jessie said...

I trick or treat, or David does anyway, but the houses he goes to dont give out a lot of candy. We still have lots of good stuff, like the Reeces cups and Heath bars, but unfortunately most of the candy stash is made of Dum Dums and tiny packets of sweet tarts. Great and all for a while, but pretty soon you start running out of chocolate.

Now, it's not that I need anyone else's chocolate. She's right, she trick or treated and that's her candy. However, I do wish that the houses that my husband trick or treats at would give out more so that we wouldnt be teetering so close to asking your daughter for some hersheys up in here.

There is community candy, and we all chip in to that. Last year when David couldnt trick or treat because his costume tore when he crashed his bike and had to go to the hospital, we had to borrow back some of that candy that we had chipped in to in order to have chocolate. It was only for a while, but we did what we needed to do until he could go trick or treating again.

I do agree that people who dont bother to trick or treat do not deserve candy, but remember that there are those who cant trick or treat, possibly because they dont have a costume to wear to an interview or because their fairy wand broke, and there are also those who stay at home and pass out the candy. Think about it, if nobody was home to pass out candy, there would be nowhere to trick or treat.

What it comes down to is, we all need candy, that's a fact of life. And in some areas, it's pretty damn hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

I totally hear ya. I wish I didn't but I do.

There has to be some good to come out of this, even if things are now slumping downward worse than they were before BO was elected.

Mrs. Flinger said...

I haven't seen his initials as BO before and I'm giggling madly. The smallest things... ;-)

I'm a registered republican. I think we're all in the closet nowadays. It's nice to have company here.

Thank you for being brave enough to say so. We're here together.

Also, the trick-or-treating thing? Awesome.