November 8, 2008

Where did the rest of the week go?

I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but did you know that our school district only has thirteen days of school this month? And five of them are already behind us. They have two days off next week, one for Veteran's Day and one for a teacher inservice thing. Unlike my childhood schedule, these kids get a whole week off for Thanksgiving! The normal school month typically consisits of 20 days. Take away seven, you get thirteen. DAMN.
Like the picture? We do a 'Donuts with Dad' thing at our school every year. They take a complimentary picture and send it home with the student a few weeks later. Pictures like this make me realize just how much my younger two resemble David. The smile, everything. Except, my BIL made a comment that David looks more like he works for IPS rather than UPS here. Then again, that's a brother for ya, huh?
I'll take that as a compliment to my cooking, thankyouverymuch! Plus, he STILL looks like I could have won him in a raffle! I got me a hottie!
We are watching Tinkerbell in the shop tonight. It's too cold to have our 'Lawn Chair Theater' outside in the yard, so we're taking it inside! It should be fun. None of us have seen that movie yet and what better movie could a house full of girls watch?
5YO had her first birthday party to go to today that wasn't someone she knew from family. She met this little girl at cheer practice and plays with her during recess sometimes. The party was at the Build-a-bear workshop and she had a blast! What a great place to have a birthday party! Just 5YO and I went to the party, and that was really nice. She's the middle child and we don't get as much one-on-one time as I'd like. She was soooo good. She was even nice and calm and helpful when I stopped by Joann Fabric Store on the way home for some more yarn. Yes, I needed more yarn! I have more Christmas knitting to do! I need to finish the baby hat I'm making, then I can cast-on something else. I've finished up two hats in the last couple of days and am eager to make more. I have so many ideas spinning around in my little head and not nearly enough time to undertake them all. I actually get very little knitting time at home and knit better when I'm out of the house. I'm halfway through a baby hat that I started at the party today, so that's encouraging!
I sort of wish I had some sort of timer that I could punch on and off when I was knitting so I could see how long it actually takes me to knit something. I've never been able to knit anything from start-to-finish in one sitting, not even a dishcloth!
Well, that's my life right now! I'm sure I'll be bored when the kids are older and I have a lot more time to myself, but I can't wait to see if that really happens!

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Jessie said...

I dont know how much Christmas knitting I will be doing this year. Not a lot of people appreciate the little things that I can make up quickly.