November 20, 2008

Reality and the Price of Cheese

I'm starting to get that knot in my gut again.
It just seems like so much is crumbling around us. Bad things can happen to anyone. No one is immune. While I'm only talking about money now, it really seems to be able to make or break a big chunk of our lives. I have two good friends whose husbands are both out of work. Nothing they did wrong...sometimes crappy things just happen. Another good friend, who seems to have it all together and taken care of, is thinking of trying to wait tables once or twice a week just to be able to have a little more money. I was feeling like David and I were in a pretty good place financially, but it still seems like there is barely enough to cover the necessities. His workplace normally has to lay off a few guys after the holidays, until business picks up. Most of them are able to work in a different area for a little less money to fill in the gaps and are back to full time work in no time. The list of people that could be laid off is significantly larger this year. While they say that David's job is safe, we still understand that there are no guarantees.
It's funny, because we've all been so focused on the price of gasoline and how much that was affecting our lives. But, gas is under $2.00 a gallon in some places around town, yet I just paid almost 40 cents more for the same bag of cheese I bought the week before. That's a pretty big difference once you really count your pennies. I was lucky to happen upon a 24-pound Thanksgiving turkey for just over $7.00. That's probably the best deal I've ever gotten and it's a good thing because of how much more we'll probably be paying for the rest of the feast.
I'm actually a bit proud of myself for all the ways I've learned to cut corners and save money. That's a nice feeling to accompany the knot that currently resides in my stomach. We've been living so much more responisbly these days and the only thing we have to show for it is that we're a bit less strained than we would be otherwise. I guess we're still pretty lucky.
The word 'lucky' takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn't it?
It's probably going to get worse before it gets better. Before you know it, we'll all be living on Ramen noodles and washing and reusing our Ziploc bags. At least we'll have them.
In the meantime, I have a whole new appreciation for the 'free' or 'paid for' things in life. My ten-year-old Saturn Wagon has never looked prettier.


Jolene said...

I know exactly what you more ways than one. My husband who is on the higher end of the seniority list at his job just got layed off last week. They usually have a small layoff every year, but not as big as this year. And speaking of cheese.. I was at Target last night and noticed cheese was on sale, so I stocked

Leann I Am said...

Stock up where you can on cheese! I've spent as much as $25.00 on a week's worth of cheese for my family! My little one is a string cheese junkie!

I just can't believe how hard things are getting for everyone! I've always felt that my friends were better off financially than us, and they probably were. Now, I'm really scared for them.

I think I heard Jay Leno (though I could be wrong!) say that, when we turned the clocks back this year that we would be turning them back to 1929!!! HAHAHA! A little 'Depression Humor' there for ya!

Jolene said...

Jay Leno is a funny guy.
I ended up buying like 6 bags of shredded cheese the other day, and the funny thing is...I don't even like cheese, but my family sure does.
For my migraines I take Imitrex. It works pretty well if I take it as soon as possible.
What about you?

Jolene said...

I tried taking Maxalt before but for me, it only dulled the pain and I would end up having a slightly less painful migraine, but the Imitrex completely takes it away.

My husband works for ABF Freight System.

SJSFalter+ said...

The cost of food is insane lately and I think the focus will switch from petrol to food very soon. As for the "free" and "paid for", Im right there with you. They are very nice things that didnt get much notice from me before but now, they are beautiful and much approciated.