November 14, 2008

Not Necessarily the News

Has anyone else heard the story about the pregnant man? Okay, so maybe you might live under a rock or something. Barbara Walters has gotten ahold of him, so that must mean it's big news, right?
I'm not judging them for their choices. I happen to be a woman who's married to a man and that works for me. I live in a yellow house. That works for me too. I can't judge someone else (especially someone I don't even know) for who they marry as much as I can judge them for the color they paint their house.
However, I can't help but groan and roll my eyes when I see the commercial for this Barbara Walters interview with the pregnant man, who is pregnant once again, for the umpteenth time today. It's not really all that huge that someone born with female plumbing chose to change their sex but keep their girly bits and remove their breasts and....get knocked up? Women everywhere suffer from horrible infertility and go through numerous treatments and painful procedures to try to conceive. When they do, that is miraculous! That's awesome and beautiful and scary and WHY THE HELL ISN'T BARBARA WALTERS TALKING TO THEM?
Yeah, I must say that if I were to see a dude walking down the street with a giant swollen belly and a five o'clock shadow, I'd be curious. Wouldn't you? But to make it national news? Now, that's a stretch!
Well, I must sign off now. My youngest miracle left another puddle on the couch.
Potty training sucks.

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Jessie said...

If you're pregnant, you're not a man. I dont care if you have a dick to prove it, you are not a man if you are pregnant.