January 7, 2009

Deep Thoughts Hidden in my Medicine Cabinet

The other night, I was brushing my teeth before bed. I was getting ready to take off my makeup (which I don't do nearly enough at night) and remembered that I had this one makeup remover that I really liked. I hadn't used that particular product in quite some time, but never remembered actually running out. It must be there somewhere, right?
As I opened my medicine cabinet to look for it, something just sort of hit me. Now, I open my medicine cabinet at least twice a day, if not more. It's a fairly narrow cabinet, in that it would be hard for something to really be hidden behind something else. So, why is it that I would have to actually look to see if the makeup remover was in there? It's pretty easy to do this, actually. I realized, at that moment, that we all do this fairly often.
How often do you see someone in your life every single day and forget to really look at them? I couldn't tell you what was or wasn't in my medicine cabinet the same way I sometimes forget to notice how funny my husband is or how great my kids can be.
Sometimes, I think I take for granted way more than just the contents of my medicine cabinet.


Jessie said...

I tend to observe everyone, but then I'm a writer and I dig details very much. I like having something to remember people for.

Leann I Am said...

OH, I dig details...I just stop seeing the same ones I see every single day.