January 12, 2009

Knitting with Fun Fur, a Birthday, and What's That Smell?

I hate the way most store-bought frosting is. See how it's already just melting? That was supposed to be a dog bed made of frosting, but it already looks more like a lavender puddle or blob that is sucking the poor puppy down.

She can't take her eyes off the Fun Fur. I sort of wish she would before her eyes stick like that! (Didn't your mother always warn you of that??)

Here's the sideview of the hat I made her. Kitchen cotton and Fun Fur can go great together. Who knew? I should have used smaller needles, but I think it came out fine. Next time, I'll use my size 7's. This hat was done with a US size 10.5.
6YO had a great birthday. She got tons of 'Littlest Pet Shop' stuff, which is all a six-year-old girl really needs in life right? They finally went back to school today. Three weeks seems like an awfully long time. Once New Year's Day has come and gone, it feels better just to finish that week and get back to our regular routine...not wait another week!
3YO and I went to the library this morning, as usual. She told the awesome woman that reads the stories at storytime that she had boobs. She then went on to explain that "all kids have boobs, just little tiny ones."
I was so proud.
The woman just laughed and shook her head and said, "It's never dull, is it?" She says that a lot when she's with 3YO. Hmmm.....
I need to go. There's an unfamiliar smell coming from somewhere around my desk. I have no clue as to what it could be. With these kids, it could be anything.


Jessie said...

I think Ty was calling them nipples instead of boobs at that age, so he was talking to people about grandma's gigantic nipples. LOL!

SJSFalter+ said...

Happy Birthday little lady. What a great hat! I dont know jack about littlest pet shop, but Im sure it would entertain me much longer than Hannah Montana. I dont know Ive got to many Pokemon and army men to know what cool girl things are out there. Good luck with the smell, I just read another post somewhere else about the same thing. Hilarious!