January 15, 2009

WHOA!!! That was FAST!!!

Would you believe that THIS...

...came from THIS? A friend of mine bought this so I could knit her baby a hat. I had no idea how cool the design would come out. I honestly didn't think I'd finish it so soon, but it became like a good book that I couldn't put down.

Thursday. It's Thursday, people!

How did we get here? I've been busy this week, even on my days that are usually slower. I'm amazed I haven't been on here much. Just. So. Busy. I knitted a couple of hats and went to the dentist and worked 6YO's class and...
OH! I also need to say that 6YO won't be riding the bus for awhile, if ever again. Remember back in August when we had a bit of trouble with the bus driver? Well, David has had enough. She hasn't missed our stop or anything like that, but she just drives like no other bus driver has ever driven. She stops and starts so quickly that the kids fly around. She drives like a bat out of hell. On Tuesday morning, David was waiting with 6YO at the bus stop when it pulled up. She came from a high rate of speed to such a screeching halt that David actually found himself waving his arms and mouthing for her to slow down before the bus came to a complete stop. When she opened the door, he told her that it seemed like she was driving too fast to be carrying a busload of kids. She told him she could drive 50 mph if she wanted to, that's the speed limit. (Technically, the speed limit is 55, but he wasn't about to correct her!) From the turn she makes at the corner, she has just over a quarter of a mile before she gets to our stop. How, with a bus full of kids, does she think that she should be able to get up to 50 before she has to slow down again? Actually, she just doesn't really slow down, she just slams on the brakes and waits to see where it will stop!
We've made all the right phone calls to all the right people and have decided to keep her off the bus for awhile. Honestly, I really just don't think she's a very good driver. She has pulled up just before the driveway numerous times and gotten out and said, "Man! I was hoping I wouldn't stop here so the kids wouldn't have to step down into this mud!" How can she not see if she's lined up with the driveway? I mean, the door to the bus is right next to her! And how can she not park where she means to park? At first, I thought she didn't care that the kids were stepping out into the mud and that the driveway was just a few feet away. Then, I realized she couldn't help it! I asked 6YO if she'd ever bumped her head on the seat in front of her when the bus stopped. She said that she has bumped her head once. Apparently, she knows to brace herself now.
The bus still passes our house every single day and I sort of keep an eye out for it. I'm sure they've talked to her because she's driving really carefully now. She did that before when we complained back in August about her. It didn't last long and she was back to driving like a lunatic in no time.
David and I are just going to be more proactive about keeping her safe. He will take her to school and I will pick her up. I am surrounded by wonderful neighbors and friends that can help me out in a pinch and 3YO is much more portable than she would have been this time last year. She's beginning to like seeing all the other kids when we go to the school. The bus is handy, I must admit. Knowing that I'd just have to walk outside at the right time and she'd be dropped off at the stop was so convenient. But, it's not worth the risk right now. And David, who used to get his little 'alone time' with her waiting for the bus in the morning, is now quite happy driving her to school instead. He gets to walk her to class and watch her play with her friends on the playground before school starts.
Maybe this is a good thing afterall....
In other news, the weather here has been gorgeous! It's gotten into the 60's all week and I can actually open the house up and enjoy the air. If you go outside and stand in the sun, it's warm. And sunlight is always a much more gratifying heat source than a heater vent. The sun is just starting to dip behind the trees right now and I'm about to close the house up. I have my bathmats hanging out on the swingset that I need to bring in. It was nice enough weather to wash a couple of bathmats and my kitchen rugs and let the SUNSHINE help dry them. (I realize that I could get quite a bit of hate mail from people up North, but I had to gloat anyhow!)
Have a wonderful evening!


AMY said...

Hey I'm down south and I want to send hate mail lol. Today it didnt get above freezing and there were snow flurries. Then tonight the temp is going to be like 8-12 degrees. Tomorrow will be really cold too. BLAAH I know it isnt like the 40 below temps up north but us southern girls done make good popsicles lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat. As far as the bus I so agree. That woman needs to not be driving at all and you are much better taking 6yo yourself.

Jessie said...

Okay hat = adorable and i must pick me up some of that yarn.

As for the bus, I am on board with you not putting her on, that woman is NUTS! You have to be careful, I read about bus accidents where I live every few days, and even though school buses are "safe," they're not when they're being driven by a piece of shit driver.

I'm so fed up with our bus that I just dont use it. You have to keep your kids safe.

wildtomato said...

This reminds me that I need to give you the pink sock yarn the next time I see you.

That yarn pattern is cool! There is sock yarn like that, too.