January 1, 2009

December 31st is Significant to Me...

...and not just because it was New Year's Eve. One year ago yesterday, my good friend Wildtomato met my mother, oldest daugther and I at a fabric store to buy knitting stuff and then to a coffee shop where she sat and taught us how to knit.
Yesterday was my 'Knittiversary,' if you will.
I remember how little I got done those first few months. Every time I sat down to knit I would get so frustrated. All of my fingers seemed to turn into thumbs and nothing went smoothly. It was stressful, to say the least. But, as promised, things got easier. I now consider knitting to be a relaxing thing, most of the time. My life does not allow for much uninterrupted knitting time, but I take what I can get. I have projects that have been placed on the back burner, and knowing that gives me a bit of pressure. I will get them done, however. I was able to complete and give a few knitted gifts for Christmas, but I also realized that actual knitting time is even more scarce around the holidays. This year, I will plan better. I was thinking of things I should knit for people a week before Christmas, and who has time to crank out four or five hats a week before Christmas? And mail them off? I now know that I don't have that kind of time!
It's been such an adventure! I love learning new skills and making things (upon request, if possible!) that people can actually enjoy. I've also learned that many people will take for granted the time and effort that goes into knitting and not to take it personally. And not to knit for them again. It does feel good to take a couple of sticks, some yarn, and a little time and effort to make something that someone will actually use. It's a little like magic!
I want to thank Wildtomato for teaching me this craft. My mom has also caught on pretty well and we've both become hooked on Knipicks needles. 12YO sort of knows how to knit, as much as her attention span will allow anyhow! She has recently picked it up again and has improved since her last attempt, so that's something.
Here is a little random tour of my knitting over this past year:
This was just knitted in November for our cheer coach. I sort of made up my own pattern along the way and have made several more just like this one since.

These are general baby hats. I honestly cannot tell you whether or not this is a pattern or not. Once you learn how hats work, you get your yarn and needles just start knitting.

This is a dishcloth I worked on. I was really hooked on that color for awhile and dishcloths were a great way to learn new stitches and techniques without feeling like I was in over my head.
See what I said about the yarn? I really did like it, yet I haven't touched the rest of it in months. Go figure! This was such an easy knit and I was so happy that it turned out so well! I had been knitting about three months or so when I knit this one.

Here's how it all started. This was last January. I would knit a few rows, try to take pictures, then knit a few more. Needless to say, it took a lot longer to knit this dishcloth than it should have! This is one of my first, though I'm not actually sure I have any pictures of the actual first dishcloth. Like the pajama pants? I'm actually wearing the exact same ones right now! I have washed them since then...many times, in fact! They are some of my favorites because they are dorky and warm and cozy and....WHY AM I EXPLAINING ALL OF THIS TO YOU???
I've even come up with a couple of my own hat designs along the way. I love figuring out what makes the stitches look a certain way and what a big difference a little trick can make.
If I can make this sort of progress the first year, I can't wait to see what 2009 can bring!
Have a Happy New Year, everyone! Will you pick up any new trades or crafts this year? I hope you find something that sparks creativity and pride the way knitting has for me. I also hope you find the time to make it the best it can be. I wasn't always so successful when I came to time.
I'm trying to come up with a blog contest to celebrate my first year of knitting...stay tuned for more details.


Jessie said...

I try to pick up a new technique every year. In 2007 it was knitting in the round. 2008 was cables. If I remember, 2006 was lacework and I've been knitting since 2005. I started learning on Knifty Knitters, but wanted to do more. This year I think I want to really get into fair isle and intarsia, even though I can do them, but I want to do them well.

Learn cables next. They're really easy, super fun, and it opens up a whole new world for gifts. Not just a scarf, but a cabled scarf. Not just a hat, but a cabled hat. Very awesome.

Leann I Am said...

That's funny...I actually just bought some cable needles for myself and my mom so we can learn how to do them. Once I finish the projects I am already behind on, cables are definitely next!

wildtomato said...

You know, my real objective was to turn you into my knitting buddy! And it worked!

Leann I Am said...

Well, it worked! EVERYBODY WINS, I guess!