January 21, 2009

What's cookin', average-lookin?

Mmmm.....what's in the pot?

This WILL be homemade chicken broth, just as soon as I pick all the bones and bay leaves out and blend it! I chopped the veggies up and put them in the crock pot with the bones from last night's Rotisserie-Style Chicken. (In the crock pot, of course!)

I also made more yogurt, in the crock pot of course! I washed out the strawberry yogurt container and filled it with my own homemade yogurt flavored with strawberry glaze, honey, and a bit of sugar. The white yogurt is sweetened with honey and a small splash of vanilla extract. That one's for me!

I bought berries to flavor it, but the girls don't generally like stuff IN their yogurt. (Me either, it must be genetic!) They will happily eat them up, though. It occured to me that fresh berries are something that not everyone can come by this time of year. Strange. I have an aunt in Minnesota that can't buy good lettuce during the winter. (HI AUNT LINDA!!!) I guess I take for granted that I live in one of the most fertile places around, with weather mild enough for just about anything to grow here.
My mom is actually planning to help me plant a garden in my yard this spring. I'm really excited, because I have very little knowledge about gardening myself. In fact, houseplants see me coming and just die. I don't do well with things that can't talk to me and tell me that they need something. (It's a good thing babies can, huh?) A garden will be great. I have the space and David can set a drip system up so that the plants will not die on my watch. I'm not sure what we'll grow, but my mom already has a list of things that are great 'first crops.'
Well, I only have a few more minutes of silence. David has taken today off and he's been running errands since he dropped the girls off at school. He took 3YO with him and I have the whole house to myself. With all the possibilities of being home alone, I type up a quick blog and will probably just sit in silence or knit or something for the rest of my time. I will refill my coffee cup and just savor the moment. The television is off and I can actually hear myself think. I think I even hear birds chirping outside! Yes, I really do!!! David and 3YO had better get back before I start hallucinating that there are cartoon squirrels bringing me my toothbrush or something!
Maybe I shouldn't have much alone time...


Jessie said...

I'm no yogurt fan (mostly because it can kill me) but I loves to make smoothies with fresh berries. My fave is banana+blueberries+oj. I add a scoop of lactose free vanilla ice cream and BAM! Fuck that's good. Did your blueberries come from South America? My store was selling huge boxes last week for $3 and they were the best damn blueberries EVER. They were from Chile.

Jolene said...

I love silent alone time!
Your chicken stock looked so good, like soup.mmmm

I'm about to throw some chicken and potatoes (along with some italian dressing, parm cheese, and italian seasoning) into the crock pot. Easiest recipe ever!

SJSFalter+ said...

I cant wait to hear what you choose to plant. I am looking forward to a garden although I need to look into what the recommended plants are for this area. I assume just about everything but like I said, what do I know.

Enjoy the quiet.