August 28, 2008

(Almost) Finished Hat and Last Night's Dinner

I finished that hat I was working on. No, I still haven't weaved the ends in! Thanks for noticing.

2YO was more than happy to model it for me.

In between shots, I would have to show them to her and she would say, "Aaaaawwwww!!!" Obviously, self esteem is not a problem for her. It might be a problem for the rest of the world, but that's their problem, right?

One more shot for, you know....posterity? Okay, maybe not quite....

And what do we have here? That's right...I made THIS yesterday!

It was like opening a present! I couldn't wait to open all the layers and see how it all turned out.

The veggies....ummm...let's just say that I will use something larger the next time. Also, I might not put them at the very beginning. If we had a baby in the house, these veggies were just a small step away from being baby food. But we don't, so I forced my family to eat them anyway! You live, you learn.

Notice how the color of the peas makes them look canned? I can assure you that these are frozen peas and carrots. They just cooked so long that they were about as far from their natural state as you can get.

What are theses? Are these baked potatoes???

Why YES! Yes they are!

And they are absolutely perfect! We ate all six last night!
But, what about the meat?

Personally, the meat tasted good....but that's only because I happen to be a fan of beef jerky. I won't use as much seasoning the next time because boy were they salty! Plus, I didn't use the actual rib eye steaks that the recipe called for. I used what I had in the freezer, which happened to be round steaks. A thicker cut of meat would have cooked up much better! I simply alternated small bites of meat with bites of potato and veggies. That was the easiest way to handle all the salt!
I will definitely make this again. I will use a thicker cut of meat and a different veggie, if I cook the veggies in there at all! I might just fill the rest of my slow cooker with potatoes. Those will not go to waste in my house!
What's next? Not sure...I think I want to try THIS. I'm headed to the store to stock up on options.


Crockpot Lady said...

oh my, that hat is amazing! you are so talented---it's simply gorgeous. I'm so impressed! what a lucky family you have to get such wonderful gifts from mom.

lol on the dinner. I'd imagine those peas and carrots would be awfully squishy. oops!

you're going to love the taco soup. It's our favorite. I've made it for many family events, birthday parties, and potlucks. It's my go-to when I need to throw something together in a hurry.


Leann I Am said...

Thank you so much! It's actually a really simple design, but the extra rows of 'fancy yarn' make it look like more work than it really is!

I actually decided to make the BBQ chicken cornbread thingamajig instead, since I have all of those ingredients on hand and I can get it going before I run to the store!

Sandee in Kirkland said...

I love your hat!

I am trying the layered dinner today. It was good to read your take on it. I pretty much stuck to Steph's recipe except that I only had one T of Worcershire sauce left, so I added a T of merlot.

You mentioned the saltiness of it. FYI, Trader joe has a steak and chop grill mix that is salt free. That is what I used. TJ also has a beef broth starter that is pretty low in sodium (340 in one cup, and you only use 1/4 cup).

I like to cook low sodium too.

Keep on crocking and knitting!

Leann I Am said...

Thanks, Sandee!

I don't like a lot of salt because my ankles swell up like crazy on their own and they don't need any more of a reason than simple gravity! I will certainly check out TJ's for some salt-free goodies!

Thanks for the tip....they are always appreciated! Enjoy your dinner!

wildtomato said...

The hat looks amazing! You totally should start making these to sell.

Leann I Am said...

Hehehe...what am I? A professional KNITTER??? It might be nice to make things with an actual purpose, though! I just need to get cracking on my Christmas knitting! Some projects down, a lot more knitting to go!

And earning a few bucks might be okay too, just so long as David never does the math to figure out how much I'd actually make per hour of work on something!

I'm my own sweatshop!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

The hat looks amazing!