August 29, 2008

It's a crazy-haired, new humidifier, ants in the pantry kind of Friday

It's 'Crazy Hair Day' at 12YO's school.

Did she participate? Nah...she always looks this goofy!


David helped her spray her hair the colors this morning. I'm so proud....

This is 2YO's new humidifier. I never thought we'd need another one, but we got impatient trying to clean our old one and ended up sort of breaking it. Oh well, that one made warm mist and she's actually supposed to have a cool mist one...even though they had said that humidity was humidity. Now I had an excuse to buy a new one.

Now, since she so regularly gets that yucky cough (which has loosened up quite a bit and is almost gone now, thankfully!) I figured we can get a cute one that can permanently sit on her dresser when it's not it use. Target had humidifiers shaped like cows, frogs, penguins, even Spongebob Squarepants! 2YO HAD to have the frog.

This thing is really cool. It starts making the mist almost immediately and it goes well with the colors in her room! David did have be very clear to the girls that it is NOT, in fact, a PIGGY BANK. As soon as they got home last night, they looked for coins to drop down the 'slots' in the eyes. Hmmmm...I wonder how much damage that would do!

And Lily took her nap in the morning sun by the front door this morning. She loves this part of the day.
Another thing I was able to buy yesterday was a new broom. David is always taking my broom outside and sweeping things that ought not be brought back into the house. I was looking for my broom on Wednesday and could not find it ANYWHERE. That evening, I asked David where it was and he told me that he had taken it to the DUMP so he could sweep out the GARBAGE TRAILER when he was done. I told him he could KEEP that broom outside and that I was buying myself a new one.
Why are boys so gross?
I also told him that, if this broom ended up outside for ANY REASON AT ALL, I would just go out and buy another one. Nothing bothers David more than wasting money, so I'm hoping this means he'll leave my new broom alone!
Another thing that's gross is that there are ANTS in my pantry floor. Now, these aren't just regular ants. They are teensy-tiny and brown. They show up about once a year and go after random things. I swear these little buggers have eaten some of the grout around the top of my kitchen sink before! They are actually so tiny that they are hard to see and they eat grout.
Has anyone else ever seen or heard of these ants? Someone once told me that they were 'Piss-ants' but I'm not sure if they were serious, joking, or just plain ignorant! Thankfully, I don't think they got past the floor in the pantry and most of that stuff is in large cans or bottles. They were on a box of graham crackers. I hate those little suckers!
Well, 2YO is making a tower with couch cushions and she just turned one large piece of styrofoam into many, many tiny little pieces of styrofoam. If I wasn't motivated to vacuum before, I guess I am now!
OH! Before I forget...I made THIS for dinner last night. I was going to make THIS (and I still intend to!) but I haven't made it to the actual grocery store yet and I had all the stuff for the BBQ chicken and cornbread thingy on hand. It was REALLY GOOD! I swear, all of the wonderful recipes I'm getting from THE CROCKPOT LADY have been so easy that I actually feel like I'm CHEATING! Seriously....
On another note, I was totally wanting to add another crock pot or slow cooker or whatever to my collection. Technically, mine is not a Crock Pot. Mine is a SLOW COOKER. The concept is the same only the actual 'pot part' just sits on the heating element and is completely removable. I would love to have an actual 'Crock Pot' brand, but it's not completely necessary at this point. While I am waiting to purchase the name brand, I have another 'Crock Pot-type thing' coming my way.
David gets these yearly awards for 'Safe Driving' at his job. Every consecutive year, the prizes get a little better. I mean, he always gets a certificate and a little pin or magnet or something but he also gets to choose a gift from this little catalog they send. What cracks me up is no matter HOW many years they drive safe or how expensive some of the gifts are in the brochure, you always have the option of getting the PEN. I mean, I'm sure it's a really NICE pen and all....but if you look at the prizes they can choose from after many many years of safe driving, who's gonna choose a PEN over a PATIO SET or a BBQ??? (By the way, David is years away from anything that nice. None of the prizes really appealled to him. That is, until he got to the last page and saw THIS. He pointed it out to me, as I'd just mentioned the other day how I wanted another crock pot so I could have more options. I looked through the catalog again and pointed out the things that might interest him, just to be sure. I don't want to bogart his prize, you know! There is nothing in there that he wants or needs. SCORE!!!!
So, I will now have TWO crock pots. (Three if you count the 18-quart one, but it's not like I can keep that one anywhere within reach, you know! That one is reserved for Thanksgiving turkeys and baby back ribs. I mean, who needs to make 18 quarts of STEW or something?)
Maybe, just maybe, I'll make a LASAGNA ON STERIODS or something and use the big one! Hmmm....I wonder how much meat I'd have to brown for THAT......


Jessie said...

Those ants might be after water, that's the kind we get down here in So Cal

Amanda said...

OMG, I had no idea that 18 qt. crockpot-type-thingies even existed!

Leann I Am said...

It's actually called a 'roaster oven.' I bought it a few years ago when I went out searching for a nice roasting pan to cook my turket in for Thanksgiving. It's supposed to cook up to a 20-pound bird or something like that. But it's basically a giant crock pot. My neighbor borrowed it and made a giant batch of stew one time.

It takes up a lot of space, however. But, I love mine! It frees up my actual oven for all the other goodies that I need to bake on holidays. The roaster sits on my washing machine, which is just off my kitchen. I have little to no counter space in my sad little kitchen...

This is the one I have:

It was actually the same price as a regular roasting pan would have cost! I know the reviews say it doesn't actually brown well, but my turkeys have always come out really well.