August 16, 2008

Why is my shirt sticking to my back?

I've asked myself that question more than a few times this week. School has begun. Isn't it supposed to start cooling down now? Granted, our school starts in the middle of August, but STILL...
Our air conditioner is not working. I'm not sure what the temperature actually is outside, but the cocky asshat on the news today said it was supposed to get to 104. They are never welcome in my living room with news like that! All I know is that the last time I had the energy to venture down the hall the thermostat said it was 88 degrees in here.
And that was my first clue that the a/c might not be doing its job.
Yeah, I'm a quick one, aren't I? In my defense, we usually set our thermostat to about 82 degrees. We are trying to be responsible with energy and have a lower bill and yada yada yada. Usually, it's the bare minimum of comfort, but our energy bill doesn't give me quite the stomach ache, so I think it pretty much all evens out in the end. I thought it felt warm in here, but I'm not feeling at the top of my game anyhow, so I just casually walked by and hit the 'DOWN BUTTON' twice on the thermostat. A few hours later, I started thinking that maybe it's not normal to be sitting quietly in my living room with the a/c on and feeling my shirt sticking to my back.
That's when I discovered that there might be something wrong.
We are just about to be able to say that we've had this a/c unit for three years. Almost. It was brand new and decides to stop working at least once a summer. Okay, so I only have three to count, but still.
So, I found the worst picture possible of me to document how I'm feeling right now. Because it's icky. I told the kids I didn't want to go swimming, but that was before I knew that my living room would soon be turning to what feels like the fires of hell.
I would write more, but I can actually feel the difference in the amount that I'm sweating while I type. Unnecessary movement is just not happening right now.
And dinner had better cook itself....OUTSIDE!!!!


wildtomato said...

Come visit us to escape the heat. I just walked Vespa in the fog while wearing a down jacket. Yeah. Welcome to summers in the Bay Area!

Jessie said...

But the hat is super cute. Pattern plz.