August 17, 2008

A few more pics of my hat...

..and a 5YO who totally thinks she's ready to begin her modeling career!
I am working on actually writing down what I did to make my latest masterpiece....or just 'piece.' (I guess it depends on if you're a better knitter than I am. If you knit at all, you probably are!)
Our a/c is still not working, but the sun is starting to set now so my shirt is no longer sticking to my back. The pool helps, too. We have a lot to do before tomorrow, which begins the second week of school for us.
This is not the exact hat that I will make a pattern for. I have an idea to make it even easier and sort of different. I'm working on one right now. If it turns out the way I want it to, then that's the pattern I'll go with! I knitted a flower to put on the top of this one. 5YO likes flowers AND I was too lazy to neatly close it up at the top. I am much more prepared to do the second hat. And, the flower pattern is totally not mine anyway! You can decorate yours however you like.
Well, it's still 90 degrees in my house. And it's almost 8:30 at night.
Is this what hell is like?


Jessie said...

Dont discredit your skillz. Ive been knitting for like three years now and Ive never written a pattern or come up with anything on my own really. The hat is really cute

Sharon said...

such a cute hat. Far better than I could even try to do.