August 20, 2008

Internet Withdrawls and COCO IS NO MO'

This is the last picture I took of Coco. His owners came back.
Apparently, the owners were out of the country for 5 weeks. The dog was staying at their house, which is down and across the street from ours. He got away almost immediately after they left. The relative caring for the house doesn't speak a word of English. I'm not sure why he never at least tried to call, as there was a poster almost directly across the street from his house...but whatever!
They drove up yesterday and said that they believed that we might have their dog. I brought him out and the children ran up to him with such excitement. I don't know if he was excited or scared to see the man, but Coco started to pee as I carried him closer. Either way, he definitely knew these people.
Oh, and by the way, his name is 'Speedy.'
2YO woke up from her nap just as I was carrying 'Speedy' out to front yard. She didn't know what was going on, until they put a leash on her dog and walked him away. Remember, she's the one that called him 'her dog' from Day One. And they were taking her dog.
She had the biggest frown I'd ever seen. Giant crocodile tears streamed down her face as she watched them take her dog away. As Lily came out to see what was going on, she walked over and stood next to her friend. She had started to come extremely protective of 'Coco' or 'Speedy' or whoever he is. We had to hold her back so she didn't follow him to his new/old home with his new/old family.
Lily walked around the rest of yesterday with her ears slightly back. She just knew something was wrong. She's napping in a sunny spot in the backyard right now. I don't know if I ever saw her do that the entire time our guest dog was here. 5YO was fine about the dog finding his owners. 12YO was surprised, but okay. 2YO....well, she's not one to accept ANYTHING that easily! I'm just waiting for the day the he gets out and finds his way back to our front door. He's an escape artist, that's for sure.
Other than that, I spent most of yesterday cleaning the girls' room. How on earth did I let it get so bad? I was exhausted by 8:30 last night! The room is clean now....with the exception of running a vacuum over the floor. I think I did well...except for the toothpick that got stuck in the back of my heel! Why was there a toothpick in their bedroom floor, you ask? Why was any of that crap on their floor??? Because my children are pigs, plain and simple. (Actually, I think they got the toothpick from my nail polish box. I keep a few in there to make flowers when I want to decorate my nails. It was a clean least, as clean as a toothpick on the floor can be!) I'm pretty much barefoot year-round and my heels get really dry and cracked....especially in the summer. The toothpick actually went inside the crack on the back of my heel. OUCH! I am semi-limping today, as it hurts to put weight on my right heel. Thanks to that, my legs are starting to hurt.
Talk about a chain reaction!
I didn't get the chance to even look at my computer yesterday, much less turn it on. I think I was starting to go through withdrawls, actually having something to blog about but no time to do it.
David is on vacation this week. I knew I'd be busy. I knew I wouldn't have as much computer time. I just didn't know how much I would dislike that part!


Jessie said...

Aaaw, but the doggy found his home.

Leann I Am said...

Yeah...I didn't even point out to the guy how the dog's ears were all scabby around the edges as if he'd lived outside and been eaten by flies! They were almost healed. Some of the guy's story just didn't add up, but the dog definitely knew him!

wildtomato said...

Whoa! Coco is gone. I bet it feels good/bad to have it all settled now. Hopefully, Lily and Coco can have play dates!

I know what you mean about David... I have had very little down time since the boy is home.