September 17, 2008

And the rest of the week will be downhill, right?

The ME. I'm not so put-off by the way my face is wrinkly-looking. After all, my hand is pushing on it. But get a load of how OLD MY HANDS LOOK!

The BIL. (David's brother.) HI JASON!!! His birthday was the Monday before mine, so we shared a cake. David kept it simple:

It's amazing I didn't get a headache from all the 'nibbles' I snuck in passing.

My new sock yarn. It's cheap and soooooo pretty! I cannot wait to knit these up and see if they really look like the pattern on the label! It's like magic, I think!

My new ball winder is worth its weight in gold. And those 1-pound cones of cotton yarn I keep buying are a lot easier to use for travel knitting now!

Lastly, this just appeared on my 5YO. WTH??? She had a great day at school. She came home and played well. They rode scooters around the house for all of ten minutes and came back inside. She said she fell once, but she never cried or came and got me to tell me about it. About 30 minutes or so ago, she sat down on the couch and started to whine. (She's five and a bit on the dramatic side. That sometimes just means that she suddenly realized that something wasn't going her way. I repeat: She's FIVE.) 12YO was the first to notice she had an actual problem. She never said a word before then. Her ankle is HUGE and there is a weepy little hole in the middle of all the swelling.
She mentions falling off of her scooter once. She never mentioned scraping her leg. I have already given her a dose of Benadryl, which it looks like we will always have to have on hand for this kid! I won't even Google 'insect bites' or 'spider bites' anytime soon. It's just a bunch of pictures of Brown Recluse bites anyhow! There aren't any of those around here and I never want to connect any of those with my little girl. Would you?
Well, the Benadryl has been dispensed and the wound has been rinsed. (HEY! THAY RHYMES!!!) We will keep an eye on it and take her in if it gets worse, red lines develop, or she gets a fever. Right now, she just wants to lie on the couch and watch television. Anything more happens and you'll definitely know about it....eventually!
In the meantime, I was watching Mystery Diagnosis last night on TLC. BAD. IDEA. I now am pretty sure my kidneys aren't functioning properly. (Don't ask.) I think my kidneys are fine, but that's what they said causes edema when there's no other obvious reason. I just can't watch that show. I'm one of those people who suddenly thinks they ARE the person in the story.
"HEY! I have that symptom too! That MUST be the reason!"
I'm warming up some of my CROCK POT PORK CHOPS, that are actually going to be transformed into pulled pork sandwiches tonight. Those thick boneless pork chops just shred to pieces effortlessly when cooked in a crock pot. Reheat, add BBQ sauce, dump some on a toasted sandwich roll, and DINNER IS SERVED!

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Jessie said...

Is that what I should do with pork chops?

Ty's been having these weird itchy bumps showing up on his thighs, they started at his grandparent's house. Hydrocortozone seems to do the job but they come back.