September 4, 2008

Mmmm....PIZZA SOUP????


The breadsticks are almost done... they're perfect!

WAIT! It's still missing something...

That's right...THE CHEESE!!!

I made Pizza Soup for dinner last night! Actually, it feels pretty good to say that I made it YESTERDAY MORNING and it was ready when I wanted it to be. This one was a hit! David had like three bowls of it! 12YO ate almost all of hers, even though her last few bites were always preceded by, "Can I be done NOW?" 5YO just ate a bit of hers, but I knew she wouldn't really appreciate all of the flavors of this soup. After all, she only eats cheese pizza! 2YO fell asleep rather early last night after a horrible tantrum, so she didn't get any. I don't think she would have liked it either, though. I hadn't told David what I was making for dinner. As soon as he entered the house, he said, "Are you making PIZZA for dinner tonight?"

I used Linguica, because that's all the cooked sausage I had. It was really good! I also (ssshhhh....don't tell my family!) chopped up and threw in some vegetarian sausage that we made for breakfast a few mornings ago and tastes like cardboard on its own! Fortunately, it soaked up the other flavors as it simmered all day and nobody was the wiser. Our local market was out of mushrooms the last time I was there, thus I was out of them too. But, I found a CAN of sliced mushrooms in the back of the pantry. I tossed that in AND a can of sliced olives. (What's pizza without olives, anyway?) I did have the rest of the stuff and had to pick up the cheese later in the day, but it all worked out well. I used Ziti as the pasta, and I put more of it in than the recipe called for. What can I say? I tend to overdo things! I ALSO picked up a tube of those breadsticks that you bake. I won't even look at the ingreidents on the package, but they were a hit! The kids dipped their breadsticks in their pizza soup gulped them down! (So did David, for that matter.)
I will definitely make this again.

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wildtomato said...

Mmmm, looks good!

Hm, you should join my breadalong so you don't have to use packaged bread sticks...