September 8, 2008

Mondays and Hypochondriacs

I just can't seem to look at this picture without the theme song to 'Three's Company' running through my head...
I cannot believe that Monday is (well almost, anyway!) half over! What a whirlwind of a weekend we had.
I wonder when Google was going to start a new search engine called 'Google Hypochondriac.' I don't know about you, but I think Google has created a whole new generation of hypochondriacs! And I count myself in those rising numbers.
You can find out just about anything on Google. You can find a good slow cooker recipe, knitting pattern, instructions on how to build a bomb (I'm only speculationg on that one because I've heard stories. I've never looked for such a thing, nor do I plan to. Big Brother's watching, you know!) or bazillions of other things that one might need (or not need) in their daily life. And if you get a cut, have a headache, or pull a muscle in your back, Google can tell you about that too. Now, I've never found a site that does not strongly recommend seeking a professional opinion for things, but don't they all have to say that?
If I have a day where I drop a few things, forget something I usually remember or if I can't read my own scratchy handwriting to save my life, I must have one of the many debilitating diseases that can cause that. I'm sure of it. And if you Google enough, you can find actual photo documentation to back up your self-diagnosis. Gonna have a surgical procedure? You can probably find pictures or even videos of it with a few keystrokes and a click of your mouse. With Google Hypochondriac, they will tell you want you want to hear: You are dying and should get your affairs in order....but call your doctor first!
I must admit that I usually Google a symptom before I call a doctor about it. I want to know if it's really something to worry about. I then find the blogs of others with the same symptoms and read their stories. I look up medical pages and try to see if I can actually understand what I'm saying. I look at photos, videos, you name it. THEN, and only then, I call my doctor.
After all, I'd hate for my doctor to think that I was a hypochondriac!!!

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