September 24, 2008

Musings to Get Me Over the Hump

It's a bit hard for me to remember that she's only FIVE when I look at pictures like this. Or that she's actually out there cheering, in front of possibly hundreds of people and she's fine.
1. My throat hurts. It started to hurt yesterday. David told me that his throat has been hurting since the day before that. Does this mean I can blame him since he had it first?
2. 12YO had her two teeth pulled yesterday. She was a model patient and the oral surgeon was really sweet. It took a long time to get everything in order just to start. The actual process only took a few minutes, but the paperwork and the x-rays took a lot longer. We must have been there about 2 hours...and I even forgot my KNITTING in the car!!!
3. I had planned on taking a walk yesterday with 2YO. I've started to go to the gym on Tuesdays and was hoping to get some exercise anyhow, even if I just stayed home all morning. I was working on the last couple of load of laundry and was about to get ready to go when a migraine started coming on. I hadn't had one of those things in MONTHS. It sort of makes sense that I had one now, though. I've been a bit lazy about eating right and had two consecutive nights of less sleep than I'm used to. That's pretty much all it takes, I guess! I took my migraine meds and it really helped me get through the rest of my day.
4. Every living thing in this house is so incredibly lucky that they did not disturb last night's slumber. I was ready to go to bed at 7:30, though I knew that was never gonna happen! As well as the Maxalt works for me, I'm still just worn out by the end of the day. I slept like a rock and I needed every minute of it!
5. BREAKING NEWS: CLAY AIKEN IS GAY. Seriously, is there anyone out there who didn't know this? I don't think it should matter to his fans and it probably doesn't. In fact, I'd really like to see some people actually reacting with shock and awe. He's out, he's proud....let's let him raise his baby and get on with his life! Of course, now people will probably start stalking him to see if and when he's dating anyone. He has a baby, therefore he has NO TIME TO DATE. If he hasn't hired someone to help, the poor guy won't have time to brush his teeth!
6. 2YO now does things that she thinks she should be doing. (Not always, of course!) But, when she does them, she looks straight at me and says, "You're welcome, Mom." As if I'm to follow her around all day and thank her for the one out of ten things she actually puts back after she takes it out! Or that thing she didn't throw or break, even after she had thought about it for a second.
7. I feel like the more tired I am, the more energetic my daughter is. I'm walking around like a ZOMBIE and she's running circles around me and 'racing' me through doorways only to yell, "I WIN!!!" Yeah, I don't win today. I'll be a winner at naptime, though!
8. I'm not sure what to make for dinner tonight. We have no cheer practice. *doing a little happy dance!* I've browsed through the few most recent pages on my favorite blog to help me decide what's for dinner and I think I've decided on today's entry. I have all the ingredients on hand and enough time to make it....or I will if I get off my caboose in the next hour or so!
9. Odds are good that I'll be up soon. 2YO is hungry and just brought me a box of mac and cheese from the pantry. Subtle, huh? She has a gift.
10. My chickens eat eggs for breakfast. At least, I think it's their breakfast...but I just cannot seem to gather the eggs in the chicken coop soon enough before the chickens have pecked holes in them or eaten them entirely. BAD CHICKENS! BAD!!! Do they need a man or something? Is four women in one coop with no man just too much for them? We have a few golf balls in their boxes...somehow I came across that tip online. Maybe I need more golf balls.
I don't really understand chickens.


wildtomato said...

Your chickens eat eggs? Gross, gross, gross!

Jessie said...

Why are your chickens so cannibalistic? Do you beat them?

SJSFalter+ said...

You are a very busy girl! The cheer picture is adorable. When Q-tip doesnt have soccer I too am happy and if soccer or dance are canceled on Thursdays I am even more happy (sad only because he is missing out on something he enjoys). I am going to check out the crockpot site, I use to use mine regularly but have totally slacked off. This is exciting! Oh and you have chickens? That is so neat, something I have considered myself. Maybe one day.