September 30, 2008

On Time is When I Get There

So, I'm chatting on the phone this morning with my mom. Sounds normal so far, right? Out of nowhere, like a slap to the forehead, I realize that I have an appointment this morning with a new doctor.
Now, by this time it was just after 9:00. The appointment was for 9:30. It's a 30-minute drive, I hadn't showered and 2YO had just fallen asleep on the couch.
So, I call the office and get the appointment pushed back to between 10 and 10:30. Luckily, they sounded really flexible. I hopped into the shower, threw on some clothes, packed a quick bag for 2YO and met my mom in the parking lot of the doctor's office. I walked into my appointment by 10:10.
It's amazing how quickly we can get ready if we really need to, huh?
I spent the rest of the morning confusing doctors and getting strapped to the torture devices to find out why my knees are so weak. As it turns out, they're really not all that weak. Why do they regularly feel like they're about to buckle? Who knows! He wants to set me up with the PT people so they can design an exercise routine I can do at the gym to see if my knees feel stronger. As far as my bones go, there's nothing wrong. The rest is still sort of a mystery, I guess.
On the homefront, 12YO was 'asked out' by a boy! Now, David is keeping some pretty tight reigns on these girls and even SAYING that they're going out with someone is totally forbidden, even if they never actually GO ANYWHERE. But, the way it happened is so funny.
You see, 12YO has a bit of a crush on this particular boy. We were talking with his dad at the last football game and David happened to mention this. To the dad of the boy that 12YO likes! (You can see that David was never a 12YO girl, can't you?) Anyhow, the dad must have thought it was funny or cute or whatever enough to share with his son. Yesterday, the boy told 12YO that his dad told him that her parents said that SHE LOVED HIM. Loved him? Who said anything about love? That word NEVER came up in the conversation! He actually sounded a little cocky when he said it. Apparently, this boy lacks no confidence whatsoever.
So, 12YO notices that he's looking at her during lunch. He's pointing at her and talking to her friends. He the walks over and sits next to her. She immediately gets up and walks somewhere else. He finds her a few minutes later and asks her if she wants to 'go out.'
My daughter does not DO such things!!! She told the boy, "NOOOOO!!!!" When he asked why, she said that her dad won't let her. Then she said, "Here's the deal: First, he'd kill you. THEN, he'd kill me!"
The boy sort of shook it off, looking a bit disappointed until he walked up to one of her best friends and ASKED HER OUT NOT A MINUTE LATER. She's not allowed to go out with boys either.
From the looks of things, he'll have a new girlfriend before the beginning of tomorrow's school day. If not, maybe this will chip away a little bit of that ego.
Word on the street is that he has plenty to spare!


wildtomato said...

Oy, that boy doesn't have an ego at all. Yep, it's good that she isn't allowed to date, because that one is TROUBLE!

Day Dreamer said...

LOL that 12YO boys father was told about the crush!!

That's something my husband would do....