September 2, 2008

People Who Shouldn't Breed and Taco Soup

Some people should only be allowed to raise DOLLS!
My mom was shopping in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. (Why do so many misfits always do their best work in Wal-Mart, anyway?) She was having a pretty crummy day as it was. As she was looking at different fabrics to make into blankets, some lady seemed to be making things more difficult. Every time my mother would stop to look at a particular fabric, she would take a moment to ponder if that was the fabric she actually wanted. You know, you feel the fabric, unroll it a bit, take a step back to see if it's something you can actually work with. Well, as she did this, some other lady would snatch up the fabric WHILE SHE WAS STILL LOOKING AT IT. My mom is not one to purposely be rude or cause a scene...even after the same lady did that to her AGAIN a few minutes later! was already a pretty crappy shopping experience for her already. Then, she noticed two women talking, one of them had a baby with them. That baby couldn't have been older than a month or two, still having the 'newborn cry' and everything. And CRY is exactly what that baby did! The baby was crying and carrying on like crazy. Finally, the woman (who appeared to have been the mother, but you never really know these days...) actually turned around and yelled, "WOULD YOU SHUT THE F*&% UP????" Just then, the other woman noticed that the baby had its finger pinched in the arm of the infant carrier. The baby had a reason to cry!!!
It took everything my mom had not to walk over and hurt that woman....or at least try to grab that baby and run!
Breeding should be a privilege, not a right!
On a much more positive note, I made THIS on Sunday night. We had it for breakfast Monday morning and it was YUMMY!!! Knowing we'd likely have a houseful, I bought a package of flour tortillas and we actually served this up as breakfast burritos. Now, they were not the same as the ones sold at the gas station on the corner (which, by the way are the BEST EVER!) but they were very good. We decided that it needed salsa to give it an extra 'kick.' Or maybe I should have added a bit more sausage or some other meat. (I used a large Linguica) It seemed like a lot, but the hash browns on the bottom made me wish there were something else in it. The salsa made it perfect and I ate it that way for breakfast this morning.
After we cleaned up from breakfast, I started making dinner. I made THIS. I cannot begin to tell you how yummy that soup was! I tried a cup of it three hours before it was actually supposed to be done (HEY...everything was cooked, just not simmered long enough!) and it was fantastic! Three hours later, at our actual dinner time, it was even better! Sprinkling some cheese on top, some crumbled tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream made it PERFECT. I will so make this again, and am about to heat the leftovers as soon as I have posted this blog. I'm not sharing! The soup almost completely filled the 6-quart container and there is just one good-sized bowl's worth left. I would call that a success, wouldn't you?
I made mistake of writing down the ingredients I'd need to buy without actually writing down the recipes I'd intended to use them for. I took a few minutes this morning to scroll through her recipes and find what I had actually shopped for.
I couldn't wait. I got distracted by a phone call and am now eating my Taco Soup. I must end this, as me and my soup need to be alone for awhile...


wildtomato said...

Mmmm, taco soup! I need to whip up a version of this for us sometime soon.

Jessie said...

And if your mom had even tried to go up to that mom and say anything, I can only imagine how the woman would have reacted.

Then again, it might not have been the mother, it could have been a reluctant to babysit aunt or something. Still, fucked up.

slouching mom said...

That story is EXACTLY why I have set foot in Walmart only one time in two years.

There is always, always a sad story in Walmart.

chocolat said...

We need a drivers license to drive, right? We have to pass a test, make sure we can drive, and see, and think clearly... and it is then, and *only* then, that we get, to drive.

Why not the same, with children?

You always here the phrase, children are having children these days. So if the child, has a child for a parent, then who is parenting that child? Also, a matter that has nothing to do with age, but more to do with being a responsible adult, at 'any' age.

I'm with you, Leann. :)