September 17, 2008


I am about to possibly embark on a new adventure. I won't bore you with the daily details...unless you ask!
I want to learn to FLY again.
I remember that the first step is to give your sink a thorough cleaning. My sink was just completely scrubbed a few days ago. It was really easy just to give it another good scrubbing and call Day 1 a success.
I met another mom in 5YO's class who does this program. I'm not sure if she actually wears lace-up shoes around the house or anything like that, but she keeps a FLYjournal and sticks to it. I think I've mentioned her before; her house is clean and she has three children under the age of six.
(Yeah, it's one of those things where she proabably gets constantly asked, "What's your secret?")
She just does a little everyday, mostly in the mornings. She plans meals for the week ahead on the weekends. She goes to the gym three days a week. Her kids are kids. They make messes and leave trails of toys during the day, she's just a lot more disciplined about keeping it picked up than I am. I painstakingly orgainze my kids' toys and then forbid them to play with them right away. I just want to enjoy the clean feeling, even if it won't last!
I guess I'm just hoping that some of her 'discipline' and 'organizational skills' will rub off on me. She's an awesome, down-to-earth mom on top of it all. Another positive person to surround myself with, I guess.
Now, I am in no way calling her perfect. Nobody is perfect. But she lives her life a lot like I'd like to live mine. More discipline, more order. She doesn't spend all day cleaning, she just cleans something everyday. She's a little 'wake-up call' as to how much better it can be.
So, my sink is clean. Step 1 is complete. I technically already sort of did Day 2, but only because I got up and dressed early to work in 5YO's classroom first thing this morning. Come to think of it, I ALMOST have all the water color paint washed off of my hands! Almost.Not even the Soft Scrub with BLEACH took all the red paint off my hands!
5YO's leg still looks yucky, but better than it was last night. The bite mark is starting to itch and no longer feels warm. There is no discoloration any more and she never got a fever. I take the itching to mean that it's trying to heal and maybe just a normal sort of bug bite. Her spider bite didn't act this way. She's at school. Her ankle is still a bit swollen. I made her wear shoes for almost an hour this morning before school, just to make sure she'd be able to handle them. At first, she didn't want to. She's dealing with it now. It was nice to know that I'd be at her school the first couple of hours anyway. I was able to keep an eye on her that way.
Well, I need to go and meet the bus or they won't let my kid off!


wildtomato said...

Do a little everyday. Yeah, we suck at that! Putting a timer on for 15 minutes a day and cleaning really does help, though.

Shakes said...

I could never Fly... but maybe I should check it out... nah.

This Eclectic Life said...

Fly Lady is pretty good! She has helped me (I thought the kitchen sink business was stupid until I tried it...but it really makes a difference to start the day with a clean kitchen). Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

I am going to start flying again too.....!

Angela said...

I was so happy to see you visited my blog! I hadn't been to yours either for awhile! I love your blog! You always crack me up and make me feel better! We are definitely in the same boat with the 3 girls and all the craziness. (add a little boy with autism on the end though. Boy has life gotten more interesting!)

I tried fly lady and she had great ideas. A friend of mine way back used to always polish her faucet, if not her sink. Even the clean faucet made the whole room look better. I got tired of all the emails though. I get so much junk that sifting through gets tedious. I still have several things I need to cancel to clean it out.