September 15, 2008

But it had buttercream frosting and strawberry filling...

This kangaroo looks the way I feel today.
And that will be my excuse when I wake up from my sugar coma!

I've been bad. Real, real bad.

I had a terrific birthday. David and the girls got me and Mp3 player. It's actually one that I would have chosen myself, too. It has a memory card slot, so the memory is expandable. I've been able to put random home movies of the kids on it with its nifty little video converter thingamabob. Love. It.

Since David called his brother about what to pick (he's our family's version of a 'Gadget Guru!') he went ahead and bought me a 4 Gig card to go with it. So, my player is currently 6 Gigs smart so I can fill it up with pictures, audio books and my music. And I likes me music.

My mom bought me something I'd been wanting for some time, but had not purchased for myself: A yarn ball winder. Seriusly, I love this little thing! I've already broken down a 1-pound cone of cotton yarn into four pretty little balls, each one prettier than the last. I'm really getting the hang of this thing now!

We had an awesome steak dinner. I had mine RARE, which it totally my favorite! I cannot believe I ate an entire 20 oz Porterhouse yesterday. And I do not regret it a bit. I do, however, regret the cake I've been snacking on since Saturday night. I'm pretty much living on cake and lunch meat, which is the easiest thing for me to grab after I've had another regrettable cake incident and I want to have some protien in my body NOW. Since I've figured that out about myself, I've had the least amount of headaches ever.

It sort of reminds me of my younger years of late nights and parties. Remember having a little too much 'grown-up juice' and trying to avoid a hangover by drinking as much water as you could possible stomach and taking a couple of aspirin better going to bed? That's me now, only I can't remember the last time I had a few drinks (Okay, it was last March!) and I now have to make sure to pig out on protien-rich foods when I've had sugar. I guess I'm just really sensitive to changes in my blood sugar. That might have made my childhood a WHOLE lot easier. That is, if I'd have actually did what I was supposed to! I doubt it. I was a stubborn little thing!

We ended my fabulous day by seeing a movie. David and I almost never get to go to the movies. It's so expensive ($10.75 a ticket where we usually go!) and we just don't usually make the time for things like that. My mom kept the girls (thanks Grandma!) and we went and took in a 'chick flick.' I wouldn't normally drag David to a movie where there was not a male to been seen in the entire movie, but it was my birthday and 'The Women' started at exactly the right time. We couldn't be out too late, as the kids had school today. They showered and put on pajamas as Grandma's house, so we just had to drive them home and plop them into their beds.

It was a good movie. However, there was not a single male to be seen during the whole movie! Of course Meg Ryan and the rest of the ladies were great. I've never seen a Meg Ryan movie I didn't like. I like all the cheesy, girly stuff. Normally, David does not. But, I think he really enjoyed this one. He laughed a lot and stayed awake the whole time. (If you know David, then you know that that, in itself, is a feat.)

I just found out that my cholesterol is still high, even though I eat a lot better and weigh 26 pounds less than I did a year ago. It's lower, but not as low as they want it. I've (with a few exceptiions, like birthdays!) cut out sugar and flour. I take a multivitamin and a fish oil capsule every night.

My LDL has dropped from 118 (last year) to 107. They want it below 80. My HDL is still the same, low number that it was last year, 33. They want it above 60. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies than I ever had before. And they still want to put me on medication. And I still refuse. I took that stuff a few years ago and it made me feel really yucky! There has got to be a better way to get my numbers where they should be. I need to change something else about my diet, but what?

Any suggestions would be great, so long as they don't include 'popping a pill.' David is currently on TWO different cholesterol meds and I think there just has to be a better way.

I suppose it will be Google to the rescue once again, eh?


Jessie said...

I put a yarn ball winder on my wishlist and everyone thought I was nuts. I really want one though!

wildtomato said...

Now you have proper motivation to finish up your current pair of socks!