December 9, 2008

Can I borrow a cup of water?

This is what I've been reduced to.

Day 2 of little to no water has made everyday tasks seem even more daunting than ever before. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have a pile of laundry that's taller than I am. Both sides of the sink are full of dirty dishes. 5YO was overjoyed at the prospect of no shower last night or this morning, yet 12YO was disgusted. It's just a day. She'll live! There is a small part of me that wants to drive 30 minutes to our gym and take advantage of the fact that I keep forgetting to put our membership on hold. Therefore, our membership is still current. Our gym really does have awesome showers. Heck! If I bothered to drive to the gym, I'd probably at least spend an half an hour on the elliptical machine first, which I should probably do anyhow.

Sure, Leann! Use your gym membership when you're about to give it up!

Tomorrow is garbage day, yet I'm not ready to clean out the fridge just yet. While there's nothing in there that's THAT OLD, I still can't stand the thought of cleaning the fridge out and not being able to at least fill the containers with water until they could be washed. There are so many things that require water and we just take it for granted most days.

5YO didn't make the bus this morning. She was hungry and had a couple of extra bowls of cereal, which took more time. I called our next door neighbor to see if she could catch a ride with them. I asked her if she had a pot of coffee made yet, to see if I could possibly steal a cup. She didn't, but I told her that I was just asking because we don't have water right now. They just had to dig a new well recently, so she knows better than anyone how it feels to not have unlimited water. She picked 5YO up on her way to school and dropped off a gallon of water in a pitcher. Good neighbors really do make the difference. She's also offered to let us use her shower. We might take her up on that tonight our problem isn't fixed. It should be, but it's nice to know that we have options. It seems to be the booster pump that pushes the water from the holding tank to the house. That's the one I had to keep turning off and on yesterday to get it to turn on. The water pressure never really got to be more than a third of what it should have been. The stupid thing wouldn't run for more than four seconds before it would turn off. When David got home last night, he drove out back to check it out. He said that that pump was HOT. So, it's probably trying to burn out completely. He turned it off to be on the safe side, so we have absolutely no water right now.

Our well guy is supposed to come out today and check it out. Yes, you might remember that I mentioned that he was supposed to come out yesterday, but that never happened. We are at his mercy and I get the feeling that he rather enjoys the power. Living where we live, a lot of people's well-being are in his hands. And he's known to take his sweet time getting somewhere.

That's it! I'm going to take a class on well pump repair! Can you imagine how well I'd do if I knew how to fix these things AND I was nice?

I hate nothing more than seeing an unflushed toilet, but's that's where we are right now. 2YO and I had quite the scuffle earlier when she insisted on flushing the toilet and I wouldn't let her. I guess I've raised her right in that aspect, but I'm paying for it today! OH! And, speaking of 2YO, remember how I wrote yesterday that she was the only one that wasn't sick? Well, by the end of yesterday, she was the only one that WAS SICK. She began running a fever and getting cranky a couple of hours after I took 5YO to school. Ibuprofen makes her better within 20 minutes, but you're only supposed to give it to them every 6-8 hours or so. She, apparently, LIKES Ibuprofen. Not five minutes after last night's dose, she sneezed, told me she was sick again, and went straight for the bottle of medicine that was on the counter. Thank God for childproof caps because she's a sneaky one! She was still a bit warm this morning, so I gave her one more dose. Once her fever is down, she's absolutely fine. I'm sure it's just some virus that needs to work its way out of her body. Every time her fever comes back, it's a little less severe than before. In any case, it's progress.

Well, my mom is coming out this morning to help me upholster the tops of the storage bench. I'd better straighten up around here, change my clothes, and maybe even microwave some ice cubes so I can brush my teeth.

What? You think I'm kidding?



Jolene said...

OH no! I am beginning to see how we take water for granted. Thank you for bringing me back down to earth with your post. (and no coffee? That would make the day that much worse.) Your neighbor sounds really nice.

Jessie said...

No water, I had that problem once or twice while my house was under construction. It sucks, let me tell you. Pooping into a bucket and taking it outside for the cats to bury is not my favorite way to go.

I'm sick too, so it must be going around.