December 9, 2008

A Tag and an Update

Wow...this is a rare occurence! I don't usually get tagged...

I've been tagged by Jolene from The Little Things in Life. HI JOLENE! I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself. That's gonna be a tough one...Random, Sporadic, Inconsistent....these are all words that describe me pretty well!

Okay. I'm a flake! Happy?

1. I have this thing about spoons to stir coffee. Actually, it's not really about spoons. I will use just about anything to stir my coffee. (I just stirred my coffee witha steak knife, so there!) The thing is, I won't just use a 'community spoon' to stir my coffee. I won't even use the same spoon again for my own coffee. I use a new spoon every time I stir my coffee. I just get grossed out by the idea of the coffee just sitting there on the spoon, getting old, and then mixing it in with my new coffee when I need to stir a fresh cup. If I'm only going to use one spoon, then I just leave it in my cup. I'm not really a germ-phobe...but that really creeps me out!

2. I had a horrible fear of green people as a kid. All the characters in the 80's that were green gave me horrible nightmares. The Incredible Hulk and the Wicked Witch of the West kept me awake many-a-night. I even had nightmares about random people who I knew were evil because they had a green face. Does that make me a racist of some sort?

3. I seriously think I may have ADD. Really. I am so scatter-brained that I often find myself pacing to deal with all information running through my head when I have a bizillion things to do. I'm the only one that's usually stopping me from doing it, too. I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt most days and I'm positive there's gotta be a pill to fix that! I get distracted from certain things and fixated on others. Finishing a task is physically painful for me. Does that make sense?

4. I have holes in the iris' of my eyes. Really, I do. See my eye in the above picture? See all those white lines scattered throughout the iris? Those are weaknesses, or holes. I am using a flash in this picture, along with the several I took right before this one in an attempt to get a decent one, yet my pupils stay large. My eyes don't bother dilating much because the light floods in no matter what. I am really sensitive to light and you'll rarely ever see me outside without my sunglasses. I had this quacky eye doctor who gave me colored contacts to cover the holes and make my eyes dilate more efficiently. They worked, but not for long. I worked in a dental lab where there was a lot of acrylic and plaster dust in the air and they kept getting scratched. They didn't make opaque disposable lenses, so it wasn't really worth it. Plus, my insurance had a hard time covering colored contacts because they've always been considered cosmetic, even though I chose the closest possible match to my own eye color. However, the only blue I could get was this creepy, bright, alien-looking blue. People used to cross the supermarket to ask me about my eyes and I had a hard time dealing with the fact that they might have thought I was doing it for attention. Honestly, I just wanted to protect my eyes!

5. I flushed a hamster down the toilet when I was three years old, and he lived to tell his story. It was my cousin's hamster and we were pet-sitting. I was playing with the hamster and following my mom around while she was cleaning the bathrooms. As she moved onto the back bathroom, I stayed in the front one and decided that the hamster should go for a swim in the clean toilet. I wanted to see him swim under the water, yet he kept swimming back up. So, I flushed. I found my mom and told her, "Cleo swam away." Being Supermom, she reached into the toilet and found that he was caught in a small air bubble in the trap. She reached her arm as far as she could and rescued the poor critter, who's eyes were as big as saucers. Brandon never let me play with Cleo again.

6. I've only broken one bone in my life, and it was my pelvis. It doesn't tickle. I was in a car accident. The guy ran a light and hit the driver-side door as I was crossing the intersection. I was in a wheelchair for almost a month and used crutches for a couple of weeks after that. I later found out that I was pregnant and I'd been so since before the accident. I'd had Cat Scans, X-rays, demerol, and lots of Vicodin. I was 22 weeks along before the doctor bothered confirming this. (Stupid, #@&$% HMO's!) And that's how I got 12YO. She was perfect from Day 1, even with all the stuff that went wrong.

7. I married the captain of the football team, my daughter has been a cheerleader for four years now, and I know VERY LITTLE about the game of football. It drives my husband crazy! I get the main idea, but it often confuses me when the same play can have everyone cheering one minute and getting all pissed-off the next. At least, it seems like the same play to me! That shows you how much I know!

Now, I know I'm supposed to tag seven people, but I just can't right now. I don't even have seven people I COULD tag, I don't think! I would always love to read more quirky info on you, so feel free to play along! If you do, leave me a comment and I'll check it out! If you're still reading mine, I plan to call my doctor really soon. A few of mine sort of scare me when I see them in print!
Meanwhile, on the homefront:
WE HAVE WATER!!! The guy checked it out yesterday, confirmed that it was, in fact, the booster pump, and went back to his place to pick one up. He brought it by later, and it was no longer under warranty. $475.00 and a lot of bad words later, we had running water. We could have paid the extra $125.00 and had them install it, but what would have been the fun in that? When David came in and told me that we had water, I had the washing machine going before he even finished his sentence! I think I have one more load to do and we'll be all caught up there. The dishwasher had two load's worth waiting for it. I ran it once last night and the other load is running this morning. The guys didn't finish it until about 8:30 last night and I ended up borrowing two gallons of water from my neighbor to get us through the day.
My mom came out yesterday and helped me with the upholstery on the storage bench. Okay, who am I kidding? She totally did it ALL! I had quite a few other details to work out yesterday and a whiney 2YO, to boot. I'm really glad I didn't try to do it myself because the corners would have been SO UGLY! My mom did a great job!
Just after she left, I started getting a migraine. GREEEEAAT. That one came out of nowhere. I took my Maxalt right away and then did my best to go about the rest of my day. Toward the end, I was still feeling pretty crappy. I put some chicken on the stove while 12YO sat at the kitchen table and worked on her homework. Every ten minutes or so, I just had her flip it over for me. I think I was able to nap, on and off, for about 25 minutes or so. I know it sounds silly, but that made a huge difference in the way I felt! Just as I was perking up and the water was back on, 2YO started fussing. She still feels pretty bad. She fell asleep in my arms but spent several hours tossing and turning. I dozed while she tossed and turned in my arms. It was about 1:00 a.m. before I woke up and decided to get a few more things done. I ran the dishwasher, threw in another load of clothes, cleaned out the fridge, took out the garbage...all the things I'd been waiting two days to do! David got up with me and helped me give her some more ibuprofen. She's not really getting feverish, but she acts like her whole body hurts. I've been there! By 2:00 a.m, David went to bed. 2YO wanted to watch Max and Ruby, so I decided to let her. She'd been napping most of the night and was just starting to feel a bit better. I honestly think that all she really ate yesterday were Goldfish crackers...but that's all she wanted and at least it's something. She's also been complaining about a sore throat. But, her fever hasn't come back today, so I don't think it's strep or any other sort of infection.
So far, she's eaten grapes, Goldfish crackers, and an egg. She's been drinking apple juice and hasn't had any medicine of any sort. I guess I'll just have to watch her for awhile, since I can't really see anything in her throat myself. She's not crying, so whatever it is can't be too bad.
Well, I have another load of clothes to do and I need to make a list of things that need to be done. Everything in my house is a half-finished project. The only thing I ever usually finish is laundry...and we all know how long THAT lasts!!! The weather actually got sunny and a bit warm yesterday. So, we left the back door open for a few hours while we were in and out. BIG MISTAKE. This morning, I woke up to FLY WORLD IN MY HOUSE. They were EVERYWHERE! I think I killed most of them, but they have a way of hiding when the flyswatter comes out! I have to disinfect my kitchen counters and sweep and mop the floor.
WAIT! Why am I telling you guys this? I should be telling my LIST this information. I still think that Ritalin could help, though.....

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I will probably now think twice before using the community spoon after reading your post. =)