December 17, 2008

The Three Women Who Saved Christmas

See this little thing? Looks harmless enough, doesn't it?
Well, I happen to know that this little piece of plastic could possibly be causing a lot of distress this Christimas. It almost did in my house!
Apparently, the Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop has flown off the shelves in all the stores. And, it can't be found online either. That is, unless you want to pay more than $70.00 for something that went for $50.00 everywhere else. Amazon dot com was selling one for $159.00. And I'm sure that some poor, desperate soul out there will pay that, too.
And I'm happy to report that I WON'T be one of them!
I was telling a friend of mine today about my search. She said that she thought she'd seen one at Sam's Club, but it was in the back with all the clearance stuff. She said there was only one left when she was there. I called them, and the nice lady on the phone checked for me. There was one in the back and it didn't have a box. I don't even CARE about a box and asked her if she could hold it.
Did you know that they are not allowed to hold something for you at Sam's Club?
I started to call my neighbor to see if I could drop my kids off there for a bit. When they didn't answer, I remembered that my mom should be close enough to possibly pick it up for me. The lady told me that she couldn't hold it, but she could put it back there where is wasn't really going to catch anyone's attention. My mom was there within twenty minutes and I can now say that
Soooo.....I want to say THANKS, DEBBY! Thanks, nice lady at Sam's Club! And, last but not least...
My 5YO will continue to believe in the magic of Christmas because she told Santa what she wanted and she'll get it. To me, those little memories are the best! To feel like someone listened to you is all anyone really wants anyway.
Isn't it?


SJSFalter+ said...

I love the joy of being able to get that one thing as well, its when that one thing changes a week before Christms...or less that freaks me out. Fingers crossed my boys, Santa and I are on the same page Christmas morning.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Yes - I distinctly remember that feeling of having been heard; it was just as satisfying as the gift (the electronic game Simon).

Well done, ladies. Merry Christmas!