December 4, 2008

Some Highs and Lows for Today

I'm not drunk here. Really, I'm not. Boredom and digital cameras really shouldn't mix!
Since I started coming down with a migraine, took my trusty meds, and am now feeling no signs of the migraine but the overwhelming fatigue that goes along with the meds....let's just say I don't have much to say. I baked some cookies. They were good.
And that's about it!
12YO, on the other hand, came home and summarized her day with the highs and lows. (This is probably the first time she's ever really summarized ANYTHING in her life and, given my exhaustion level right now, I'm pretty grateful!)
The good things:
1. She is the only one in her class that scored 100% on her last pre algebra exam. SCORE!
2. She got her best time on the 'mile run' today. It's still over nine minutes, but that's pretty good for her age!
3. She gets to go to a friend's house today before church.
4. She gets to go to church tonight.
5. I baked cookies...and she's totally excited about that.
6. She has no homework.
The bad things:
1. She was asked to paint a cookie for a poster or something in her Leadership class. She was really proud of it and got a lot of compliments. Another girl came by, didn't think it was very good, and painted over it. She was really bummed. I just think it's a great life lesson.
You can't please everyone, and everyone can't please you. Knowing that sort of takes the pressure off. At least, it does for me!
Well, I have to get 2YO up from her nap. We need to leave soon and she really shouldn't sleep any later anyhow. I do NOT plan on staying up until midnight with her because she got a long nap!
Have a great night!


Jessie said...

That girl who painted over her cookie was a jealous dipshit. Sorry.

wildtomato said...

You look blue in that picture.

Little tweenagers can be so mean. Sheesh.