December 16, 2008

Luck and Earaches...with an UPDATE

Not much to report around here.
5YO is home sick today. She had a couple of bloody noses yesterday and is complaining of ear pain today. Her upper lip is chapped, giving her a little, red 'Hitler' moustache. She has an appointment this morning to see what's infected, if anything. My money's on her ears, but a sinus infection would be a new twist! She hasn't had one of those before, but 12YO has had many. So, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.
In other news, I won the UK, yeah, that's pretty cool I guess.
Just in time for Christmas, right?
Well, I have about 25 minutes to get myself and 2YO dressed and ready to leave. 5YO will stay ready...if I have to duct tape her shoes to her feet!
She made the above letter this morning after it was decided that she'd not go to school. I helped her with the spelling from across the kitchen. I'm not sure how she thinks the letter would get to her friends to get to her teacher before I was able to make the phone call to the school, but she did think that the letter was completely necessary.
And that boy, the one who has taken a liking to 12YO....he doesn't give up too easily. Rumor has it that he plans to ask her out again today, despite the fact that she's already clearly explained to him that she's not allowed to 'go out'....whatever that actually means! I asked her if she wanted to and she told me, "NO!" Apparently, she finds him more annoying than cute now. GOOD. I hope she finds all boys annoying until she's at LEAST 45....but that's just a number I'm throwing out there because I'm comfortable with it. I'm sure I'll let her date by the time she's 30.
Have a great day!

Okay, so we raced to the doctor and were only about ten minutes late. If you actually know me, you know that that's not so bad! We had quite awhile to wait, and I worked on a knitting project. 5YO has a double ear infection AND a sinus infection! She's on a 10-day course of antibiotics, which means that she'll take her last two doses on Christmas day. I have to take her back in two weeks to make sure the sinus infection actually went away, since it was so bad. We went shopping afterward and 2YO and 5YO danced around the store like a couple of loons. It's amazing how resiliant kids are! She's already asleep now, but that's normal for her. She likes to go to bed early.
David and the girls want to go to the snow on Saturday, so we had to get them snow boots. UGH! Snow is cold and wet...what else is there to know about it? We'll go, because snow is usually less than an hour away from us and we've NEVER taken them. I know, bad parents. But, 2YO is almost three now and this is the first winter that I think we'll all really enjoy it. Well, THEY'LL enjoy playing. I'll enjoy it for a bit, but plan to sneak off to the car and knit the first chance I get! We'll only be there a couple of hours, most likely. Just enough to play and get cold, then we'll come home.
We have a power inverter that we can plug into the cigarette lighter and plug in actual appliances and use them. We'll bring a big jug of fresh water and my electric tea kettle. Hot cocoa and tea will warm us on the inside....mmmm!
Well, I have some straightening up to do, along with some present-smuggling so I can wrap them and get to bed at a decent time. I simply cannot stay up all hours of the night. It is SO catching up with me!
OH! And if anyone out there can find me a Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop that I can actually buy and have before Christmas, I'll send you a cookie!


Jessie said...

I'm a youngin so maybe I can explain. To 12 year olds, "go out" means you sit by each other at lunch, and it's a big deal if you hug. You're also too scared to actually kiss each other or say "i love you" but you write their name all over your stuff. Then two days later you break up and either have to scribble over their name or buy new stuff.

And you never, ever see each other outside of school.

SJSFalter+ said...

Love the letter, pure genious. Much better than a boring old phone call and much cuter.

As for the "dating", can you get the definition of this from a 12 yr old perspective b/c I am lost. This is something that happens in real life? I think 45 sounds so mcch better and I can actually wrap my head around that. 12...not so much.

12 yr old: Stay firm girl, boys are so immature! And b/c I have 2 I can confirm that YES they do have cooties. Run the other way :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll bake the cookies for you if you find someone who knows where to get the "Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop". My niece has gotta have it and I can find it anywhere either.