December 22, 2008


Apparently, my girls take after me a bit more than I thought...
We went to the snow on Saturday. I'd only ever really been in the snow once before. Nothing like walking in snowshoes uphill for two or three miles! Wasn't the most fun I'd had, that's for sure! (At least I'd remembered my INHALER for that trip!) I came away from that day knowing that snow was cold, wet, and made simple things like walking MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than they needed to be! It doesn't help that I don't like being cold.
Not one bit.
Sooo, I wasn't quite sure what the girls would think of the snow...they are, afterall, HALF ME! 12YO had been to the snow with friends a few times, but we had never gone as a family. 5YO and 2YO had never seen snow. My BIL and niece went along and we went as prepared as we could be. We bought snow boots for all the girls, along with gloves and mittens intended for the snow. We borrowed snow suits from our neighbor, who has four kids and goes to the snow pretty regularly. Basically, she had all the sizes that anyone might need. We layered them accordingly, not putting the suits on the until we got there.
The drive took about an hour or so, and the beauty of it all really did take my breath away. Snow is so fresh, so clean. It's so hard to believe that snow can cover homes and trees so perfectly, so evenly. Everywhere I turned, it looked like it could have been a postcard!
Then, we got there and stepped outside.
I'd like to say I have more pictures, but I was delaying taking my gloves off to operate my camera as long as I could. I grabbed my camera toward the very end and snapped two pictures before the battery died. Figures!
2YO got snow inside her mitten within the first 15 minutes or so, and then she was DONE. She cried and whined the rest of the time until we put her in the car, stripped off her snow stuff, covered her with blankets, and handed her a bag of Cheetohs. After that, she wouldn't go into the snow again. 5YO had a BLAST, while she was actually playing in it! We brought some sleds and she was actually crawling on her hands and knees at one point to get up the hill. She actually got 'air' a couple of times on her way down and she took her fair share of tumbles too. That didn't bother her at all. About an hour after we got there, we stopped to eat. We'd picked up Subway sandwiches to eat while we were there. Once 5YO had warmed up in the car, she was done too. She had no desire to go back out there again. 12YO and my 9YO niece had fun, but they got cold and tired pretty quickly too. They went out for a few minutes after we ate, but the didn't really do much but try to make a couple of snowballs.
We ended up driving both directions longer than we were actually in the snow. We'll definitely do it again, but maybe not until next year.
In the meantime, I have a whole new appreciation for where we live. I am NOT cut out for living in snow, no matter how pretty it is! I could live there, if I never had to go outside!!!
I just wish I'd taken more pictures....

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Jessie said...

Down here in Beaumont it snows maybe once or twice a year, and we're only at 2500 feet so we get the tail end of the storms getting maybe an inch of snow, and it's magical. Now, we went hiking at the top of Mt. San Jacinto in three feet of snow, and damn. I appreciate it, but damn. The kids could not handle that much snow. We're going to take them to the snow next weekend because we do it every year, but I know we wont stay long!

Um...also I have to say that the capatcha thing says "iminneud." Does that seem like a subliminal message to you?