August 11, 2007


While folding laundry, 11YO came in to inform me that her 4YO sister had just said 'the D word.' After I was clear about which 'D word' she was talking about, I had her send her sister in.
"Did you just say a bad word?"
"What word?"
"Did you just say 'D@m%?'"
"You're not supposed to say that word. You may hear grown-ups say it, but they're not supposed to. If you say it again, you will get your mouth washed out with soap. Okay?"
"Okay. But what can I say? My toe is bleeding."
After suppressing a giggle, I tell her, "Darn it. You can say 'Darn it."
I asked her to tell her daddy what she said and told him what she told me. She bounced away happily knowing a what word it was okay to say when you stub your toe.
Problem solved.


Scylla said...

We had to stick with "Pooey". She had quite a love of muttering D*&m under her breath, probably because I always wander around muttering D*&m under my breath.

wildtomato said...

Funny! At least she used it in the right context.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing she's not at my house - stubbing toes is something that happens often here!

Angela said...

I'm LOL That was awesome! KIds are so cool! said...

my 6yo has picked up the term "f*ck me" from her older brother and I hate it.