August 18, 2007

I'm not sure what's worse...

*David and 4YO are stretching out together on the soccer field*
...being a full-fledged 'soccer mom' or turning into my own mother. 4YO had her first soccer practice today. At first, she would not leave our sides to join the rest of the kids. Toward the end, she started to loosen up and practice with the rest of the kids. Life just got a little crazier!
I had another 'I'm turning into my own mother' moment last night. We were trying to run a few quick errands and still get home in time to see 'High School Musical 2.' Seems silly enough, but my girls have been watching the calendar for weeks waiting for that to come on! It's the kind of anticipation where lots of high-pitched squealing erupts. Oh yeah, thank you Disney Channel. Like my kids needed one more reason to squeal! The girls needed to use the restroom and I actually told them, "Okay. But don't dilly-dally!" As it came out of my mouth, it even sounded like she said it.
I'll start looking for a therapist first thing Monday morning.


Dawn said...

Hee hee hee! My sister and I have a pact. If we ever hear the other one say anything that sounds remotely like our mother, we have the right to slap one another.

Anonymous said...

I like Dawn's comment!

I think I am the complete opposite of my mom. She's calm and collected I am spazy and spacey and so not collected!! There's no fear of me turning into my mom anytime soon!

Now that 4-year old has joined the soccer ranks - your weekends will never be quiet again!

Angela said...

Oh I SO relate to that! I am totally my mother! And I look just like her! I even told my husband if you ever wondered what my mom looks like naked, check this out. He didn't like that. HAHA
We have big HighSchool Musical fans here and had to watch it, too. I have to say I liked the first one better. I mean come on! How could Gabriella end up with Troy?! Sure he's cute but he was such a jerk!