August 21, 2007

I have a new goal...

...and it happens to be to scare the living pee out of my own child. Is that wrong?

The above picture is the demon in question. This was taken a few months ago and she's already changed so much, but don't her eyes just say it all?

The kid is definitely up to something.
Oh, the plans she must have! Someday, I think she hopes to take over the world. She's on her way, that's for sure. And the dimples? They are merely there to distract and disarm you when she is on a mission. It only takes one dimply, sparkly grin for her to gain control. Combining that with a good belly giggle has been known to drop grown men to their knees.
Seriously, I need to find something that this child is afraid of. Her favorite 'game' of wriggling out of my grasp and darting across the parking lot at a full sprint is getting very old. She is not afraid of cars. She is not afraid of strangers. More importantly, she is not afraid of me nor David. Mommy and Daddy using their best 'game face' and angry tone of voice do nothing for her. Well, I shouldn't really say that. They do something for her: They make her laugh like that was the best joke she's ever heard!
And to think I never knew I was that funny.
I beginning to become afraid for her. I mean, my first two never gave me these kinds of worries. I'm starting to think that the first two being so calm has absolutely nothing to do with my parenting skills. They actually had me fooled into thinking I was a good mom. My second one had me worried for a bit but really seems to be turning into a pretty likeable little kid. She is even overcoming her extreme shyness and making friends her own age.
Frankly, I'd rather deal with shyness. I used to joke about needing 'Prozac for preschoolers' for her. Funny thing is, I don't see 1YO and I getting through her childhood without at least one of us being on some sort of medication.
In the meantime, it's time to start keeping the harness in the car. That's right, I'll be 'that mommy!' And proud of it when we both come out of this phase in one piece.
Any words of wisdom for this stressed-out mommy? I would absolutely love some input here.
Now, where did I put that harness?


MommyKnows said...

Clicked on your ads, just because you didn't ask me too! Visiting from crabmommy!


MommyKnows said...

I forgot ... no advice for you on the 'brave toddler'.

I have one just like her in 'blonde'. And haven't figured it out yet either.

She's a cutie!

Jessie said...

When I took in my niece as a foster child, she was two, and very much over the top with the attitude of "youre not my mommy." She would glare at me, even stare me down. It was rough because I wasnt prepared to be challenged by a toddler. Im not going to tell you that she will grow out of it because it might be her personality, and even if it is just a phase, running out into the parking lot is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately, even if it means not letting her feet touch the ground. Wouldnt you rather have her alive than prove your point?

You have to make it clear to her that it is NOT a game, it is NOT funny, and that you mean business. You have to stick to your "no means no" guns and put her in the corner, and make sure she stays. She can scream the whole time, but she has to stay. Try 1 minute for every year of age (since shes 1, 1 minute.) Remember, stick to it, dont let her control you, you need to correct her behavior by showing what is right. The leash thing is a fine idea, but be prepared to receive a thousand dirty looks.

wildtomato said...

I feel for you! I think the leash is a great idea. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to ensure that your kids live longer than you!

I would never criticize or judge someone for leashing up their kids. Some kids like to wonder off on their own, and unfortunately no place is 100% safe for that kind of curiosity.

micpro said...

Oh, she's a cute one! Wish I could help you out, but I have one of my own that will soon be turning five and I'm still clueless...