August 27, 2007

Testing. 1, 2, 3...

I only have a minute and have been curious about something. My Google Adsense Ads seem to always go along with the content of my blog.

So, that being said:


Garden supplies!


I just wonder which ones will catch on. I cannot ask you to click on these ads, even though that is the only way I could make any money off of them. So, I will not ask you to click on them. I guess I am taking the ‘CRABMOMMY approach’ to being subtle. Speaking of her, you should check her out. She’s a great read!


Jessie said...

Nope, didnt pick them up, yet anyway. Hey, if you want ad clicks without being a total jerk, this lady here hosts Mad Click Mondays.

Basically, you post your link, and visit all the others and everyone clicks each other's ads. Its a nice way for those of us without mainstream blogs to make a little extra money.

Jo said...

Thank you for joining MCM, I hope it helps you out with the ads. :)

Your kiddos are adorable. I always love reading new blogs and I might still the idea of posting keywords. Only problem is that I might post really bad ones just to be a wanker! hahahahaha

crabmommy said...

Thanks for the plug, Leann! And yes, aint Google totally relevant all the time. You get tampons and garden tools...I get sites for gay cowboy rodeos and driving lessons. And we wonder why it never earns us more than a penny a month. You go, Google! Thanks for having us in the circle!

Summer said...

The first google ad up I see is actually for Crabmommy. LOL Guess that shows what's important.

jenny-up the hill said...

Visiting from Mad Click Monday...I'm waiting to get that ad that is titled "Fart Button"...I've seen it several times! lol!